Friday, November 2, 2012

In October i fell in ♥ with.......

Hello angel's,
Time for my October Favorites....its so very hard to decide on things one had reached for the most in a month. I did a lot of travelling in the past 2 months and what i discovered were a few travel best friends!

Sam Edelman (Ballet flats) 
These babies cost me a fortune (US$ 117) but i don't regret it a bit. I have lived in them for the past 3 months and they are the most comfortable ballet flats ever. The inner padding is thick and provides excellent cushioning. Don't be deceived by their good looks, you can walk in them for hours and even use them on very rough surfaces. The spikes on the tip are not clumsy, fear not they shall not break off! (I personally guarantee). I can rave about them all day, that's how much i love them...Value you get is much higher than the price you pay..

Michael Kors Tote
Another luxury spend, but but but hear me out 'a complete bargain'! The purchase wasn't random though. I researched well before deciding on MK. I certainly did not want to invest in a bag that would seem outdated in a couple of months. I tend to carry a lot in my handbag but this gem houses all my necessity with ease. Complements has been showered on them and mostly from men that too!! (Now that says something, right?) I was a little skeptical initially, if the thin delicate looking straps could carry the weight, but who am i kidding? They simply said 'bring it on babe'. 6 months and still rockin...

Lush Brazened Honey Face Scrub
Am not a fan of it's scent to be frank. But the job is well done. Feels cold on your face, exfoliates and cleanses wonderfully. Use it twice a week for a healthy glowing skin!!

Piggy Bank
Something i bought over the weekend from a local shop. Placed on my dresser, it brings a smile on my face every time i look at it. Does it serve any purpose, yes it makes me happy! what more??

What were your favorites? xoxo.....

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