Friday, November 16, 2012

My weekend morning routine...♥

hello angels
When i woke up today morning and was still in my bed i realized my weekend morning routine is always the same. It's the same set of actions i repeat week after week

I wake up around 10/11ish, since its the only time of the week i get to sleep well! Justified! My husband wakes up at least an hour before me and silently sneaks out of the room allowing me to sleep in plenty. So finally when i do wake up, my first most spontaneous and programmed action is to stretch my hand towards my dear little side table for my phone. Check on my BB and Whats app messages. Next in line comes my ipad. Browse through my blog and most often i get to read a couple of new blogs posted by my fellow bloggers in my reading list. This is probably the best part, cause i loooove reading and especially when they are beautiful blogs with beautiful pictures in it....why on earth will anybody prefer a newspaper!!

Once am done with the above ritual, i force myself out of bed, get rid of my sock and go searching for my baby (husband). I love his reflex of jumping off the couch and giving me a hug Then of course, i take a trip to the washroom. All cleaned up, i go searching for my parents and they without fail treat me like a toddler, who managed to crawl up to them for attention...and i do manage to grab ALL their attention!! hehe...


Breakfast, which most often is brunch for me.....on a lucky day i get to eat from a restaurant, which is always a perk
What's your morning routine like??


  1. ha ha ha....dats an interesting post....loved the toddler part u wrote...ha ha ha...tell me abt it!!!

    1. Thnx....u never grow old enough to ur parents....

  2. Piggy on your table is the cutest thing aw


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