Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy B'day to my dear chum....♥

Hello angels
This post is dedicated to my dear chum on her b'day...Happy b'day Shebin. You turn 25! B'days are always fun and filled with surprises. No matter how old you get, we tend to step back to being a 5 year old and expect gifts and surprise B'days parties!!! Ever so young at heart....

So on Sunday  i went looking for the perfect gift for the brat....and went totally nuts deciding on an apt gift. By character she is a full on tom boy kind but at times over board girly...now you understand my dilemma

Pandora - was my final choice. Though I had never shopped from Pandora before, I always loved their collections. So hopped in, went through a billion ( a lil exaggerated!) cute , gorgeous looking charms and pendants. Spend almost an hour and then finally decided on The One

The charms and pendants are simple and cute. You can wear them daily with no worries. I personally think these add to your style statement and for the same reason i'm going to visit them again this weekend and shop for myself... wohoooo!

My apologies for not uploading a real picture of the pendent i got her. The lady at the store, wrapped them into a gift box before i could click a pic. However, i managed to get a picture from Pandora website.

I simply love gifting. It brings immense joy to me....FYI I like receiving them too 

What's been your favorite b'day gift till date??

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