Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend Flashback....

Hello angels,
Headline for this week - shopped like crazzzyyy!
Don't blame me, blame the sale sale! It's that time of the year when stores are stocking the new Fall/Winter collection and offering discounts on old stock (Did i say Old stock? let me rephrase it cause they can hardly be called old, Dubai never ever faces a dead stock issue). 

Even though it never gets freezing cold here, people still like to get into the spirit and shop for warmer clothes, including myself!
This week was very exciting for me. Bowling, painting and of course shopping. Also an intentional act to include plenty of fruits to my diet. Benefits of which on my health and mindset is well evident.  

In love by chance
So i dropped at Topshop this week to check out their new F/W collection. Came across their lovely smokey eye palette, also the look and feel of the palette case was adorable! PERFECT! Went ahead and grabbed one. Reached home. Excited with my new find, took another look at my purchase. BAAAMME....a different set of color shades from what i had wanted. My disappointment gushed out in a 'Aaarrrrrrr'. Decided to return them over the weekend. The next day while i was getting dressed for work, i took a second look at my 'messed up purchase' and got an irresistible urge to try them on....wollaahh love at second sight! The color looked soooo beautiful on my eye lids that i had to keep them. 

FYI - there is no moral to this story, treat it as a  one-off! Always do check your purchase especially boxed one's.

Purchase from H&M and Pull & Bear
Smokey palette from Topshop 
Rimmel Blush - Madeira

What have you guys been up to lately?? xoxo.....

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