Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Light Foundation | Review

Hello Angels
Time for another review! Bourjois Happy Light Foundation. When i read about the happy light range Bourjois was intending to launch, i was more than delighted. Because i LOVE their healthy mix range.

Happy light foundation promises 'Luminous and Flawless complexion in Any Light. O my! that's a huge claim! The foundation is light as air. No joke! It applies soo effortlessly on to skin. The texture and consistency is fantastic. In fact i may go to the extend of saying this foundation is by far the best in texture of all foundations i have used. 

It offers light to medium coverage. The product feels more like an advanced form of tinted moisturizer. It leaves plenty of room for your skin to breath, doesn't feel heavy and stays put for a decent 6 to 7 hours. 

It doesn't do a great job in covering blemishes or pigmentation though. To achieve best results i would recommend using a good concealer with this foundation. But for a normal day, since am not a huge fan of slapping loads of makeup, this 'lil guy will be my go to foundation without doubt. Costs only $25. 

Have you used the Happy Light foundation? Whats your take on it? Have a Happy weekend loves....


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Giveaway Winner...

Hello Angels
Its time to announce my Ciate Nail Polish giveaway winner. But firstly a big thank you going out to all for participating and sharing your favorite nail varnish brand with me. Barry M seems to be the most commonly loved and embraced one. Drumrolls ** And the winner is

Lauren Singleton

Please mail me your correct address and i will ship your gift asap. Hope this made your day! I have your email id and this will help me verify. For those who haven't won, the good news is, there is another giveaway coming very soon. A Pixie product......


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Red Heels | Dune

Hello Angels
Hope you guys had a great weekend! I did...a hectic but yet fantastic one. Ok, now let me get quickly down to business becuase i can't wait to talk about this beauty i bagged last week. My First Red pumps!!! I had decided over the last week to get myself a pair of colorful heels. But Red or any other color was not in my mind. In fact i was looking for something in floral print. 
But i fell for this beauty at the Dune Store. Take a second to admire them....
I LOVE IT...and if there is something beyond that expression, then that too! It costed me a bomb. But i just wanted them.

They did give the usual 'new footwear' shoe bite, but later my feet eased out in them. I love to wear the same with my denims or black trousers. Glamorous!!
How did you like my new heels? Do you own a pair of red pumps??

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Accessory of the week

Hello loves
No i never had the intention to make this a regular weekly post. But i somehow happen to buy a new accessory every other week. So this week it is yet again another unique piece from Parfois. I walked into the store, spotted this beauty, bagged it, paid and walked out....all done in less than 15minutes. No Joke!

Now this may not be everyones choice. For example, my friend. She hated it. But there were others who loved it. So let me know what you think. I pair it with a plain black/blue top and it looks stunning as per me. 

Have a great week my loves. Don't forget to participate in my Ciate Giveaway (click here)
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Love xx

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ciate Chalkboard Manicure Kit

Hello Angels
Am going Manicure crazy this month courtesy Ciate! Manicure kits are super fun and you get the best from Ciate. I love anything chalkboard inspired. Menu boards, table cards and now NAILS! I can't stop starring at my own nails, as i type away this post. So am putting it out there 'I love this Manicure kit'. Simply because it is loads of fun AND looks amazeballs!!  The kit comes with 4 sketch pens, 1 chalkboard paint pot, 1 matte top coat and a manual. 

Over the weekend i was busy doodling on my nails. Trust me it was soo much fun. The chalkboard paint dries within seconds, unlike normal polish. So you can spend more time designing than waiting for your nails to dry!

If you do not feel like using the sketch pens, paint glitter over the chalkboard nail paint. This looks fantastic too. Apt for a night out. 

The only drawback is that the sketch pen is non water proof, so your design can wash off when in contact with water. The flip side to this is, while designing if you make a mistake it is easier to clean the same with water, not having to use a remover. The chalkboard paint however needs a remover for cleaning.
I think every girl needs to have one of is simply fun and different. Agree?

How do you like this manicure set? Have you tired one before?

Take part in my Ciate giveaway . All the best!

*This set was sent to me by Ciate. However, my opinions are in no way biased by the Brand/persons

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ciate Paint Pots plus A Giveaway

Hello my loves
Nail polishes are girls best friend. To me they are the perfect accessory slash beauty product. I always admire a good nail paint. Even go to the extent of asking strangers what shade they are wearing!! Ciate paint pots are one of my favorites. Rarely will you find me stepping out of Bloomingdales without a Ciate nail pot. LOVE the packing. The bottle with a cute bow is cuteness beyond me. They launch most unique colors. Plus it lasts long and no chipping. Perfect!

So this week when i was sent a few Ciate nail varnishes for review i was beyond happy. Those pretty pots made my day! Here are my favorites 
Ferris Wheel (Nude shade) - Such a lovely shade of nude blue. Am not a very 'Blue' person, but this simply looked gorgeous on my nails.
Pool Party (Bold Blue) - Ah...a must have color. Vibrant and fun. 
Roller Coaster (Glitter with blue & silver tones) - One can never have too many glitter nail polishes! Agree? These are simply beautiful. Even my mum loved it! They stay put for long and very easy to apply.

You can use these in combination too. The glitter with the nude or the bold blue for an extra bling. Love it when i can mix and match my varnishes. With Ciate what i have noticed is that you can get away without applying a top coat. Makes life easier for girls like me - always in a rush!

Moving on to the best part. I get to giveaway these 3 to one of my subscriber!! wohoo...who doesn't like a giveaway?

Simple Rules
Mandatory - Follow me on GFC, Bloglovin and leave a comment below telling me your favorite nail varnish brand.
Plus gain additional entries by following me on Twitter and Instagram (Don't forget to leave me your username in the comments tab, for me to verify). It is an international Giveaway. All the best angels...Love you all

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bioderma & Lo'real | A good combo

Hello Lovelies

I have never blogged about my favorite Make Up cleanser Bioderma Solution Micellaire, because it is sooooo very famous and there is thousands of reviews about the same out there! I have been religiously using the product for almost a year now and adore it to bits. I keep 3 different sizes of it - travel, daily use and refill!!

I dismiss the price issue with this product because of the fantastic work it does. It is slightly expensive especially for make up remover that you use daily or perhaps more than once a day. But honestly, since i was very happy with the product i wasn't even looking for a replacement.

Over the weekend, when i went grocery shopping, i walked passed the cosmetic aisle without any wicked intentions. Spotted L'oreal Make Up remover and was immediately intrigued by it. It looked appealing so i bagged one for a try out. Take my word, the product is amazing! It does an almost equivalent good job as Bioderma. Eeeeeeee!! 

It is especially good for removing eye makeup. I often go for a smokey eye look and removing it, even with Bioderma becomes a 'lil bit of a pain. But this 'lil guy here removes all in one swipe. 

Now would i replace Bioderma with L'oreal? No. Because, Bioderma is a cleanser plus make up remover. You can use the same anytime during a day to cleanse your face and feel fresh. L'oreal is a pure makeup remover and it does a fantastic job with waterproof and eye makeup. So i will surely be using the two in combination to clean my face when i have a heavy duty make up to tackle. Not much of a difference between the 2 with regards to price.
Bioderma USD17 for 250ml
L'oreal USD7 for 125ml

Which is your favorite or current makeup remover and cleanser? Have you used the above 2 products?
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Love xx

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sauce Gifts | Favorite store

Hello Angels

Caution - visual treat and cuteness overload!! 
Today's post is very different from my usual. Let me e-introduce you lovelies to one of my favorite stores in Dubai. Sauce Gifts. The store is as unique as its name. I visit them for no obvious reason at times simply because the store cheers me up always, without fail. Take a look at their goodies below and you will agree.

Creativity at its peak!
If your looking for a unique gift, this store is perfect. The cuteness is beyond me. They stock designer clothing, bags, fun books, gifts, accessories, lights, unique home furnishing and other knick knacks. I always bring my visiting friends to Sauce Gifts for a 'lil guilty splurge. Yes, am a goody friend ;) 

The Rabbit cake stand and hidden animal mug are my new favorites. Adorable!! The fox hidden mug is on my wishlist. I can picture myself sipping my morning coffee in it. 
And don't be fooled by the yummy looking cakes below, these are scented candles!! aww....who can ever burn them??

Hope you enjoyed the short and sweet detour of my favorite store. Find out more about the store on their website Let me know what you think and which is your fav store to visit.
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Love xx

Friday, October 4, 2013

Accessory of the Week #2 | Zara

Hellooo Darlings...

It's the weekend!!! Nothing like it...
Anyway here i am with a new favorite accessory of the week post. I haven't scheduled this for every week but yes, if i find myself wearing a piece again and again, i will surely blog about it and share the same with you lovelies! This gorgeoussss, beautiful piece is from Zara. That brand will bankrupt me one day. Not only are their clothing collection to die for, now their accessories are to kill for! Absolute gorgeousness

I fell in love with this one within fraction of a second. It was such a beauty. And since i wear very simply clothing, heavy accessory is my thing. Everyone should own one of these statement necklaces. Zara's new collection is loaded with such beauties and i will physically restrain myself from going back....

How do you guys like this chain? Gorgeous? Or is it too much? Let me know what kind of accessory you prefer? This one costed me US$43.
Have a great weekend lovelies...also please note, check on 'Notify Me' checkbox when you comment, to receive a notification email when i respond back to your comments. Letz make the communication 2 way!!!

Love xx