Monday, December 31, 2012

DIY - Lotion Bars!

Hello angels
As promised, here I am with an awesome DIY - Homemade Lotion Bars! Now who can resist that??
Natural organic soaps and lotion bars has always, without fail drawn my attention.  Most of us find the  fragrance, texture and packaging so irresistible, that we got to have 'em! so here goes.....

Lotion Bar is simply body butter in solid form. One can scrub them onto your body before sleep, after a shower or whenever your skin requires moisturizing.

Recipe to lotion bars is almost every where! (this I realized recently..) So I did my bit of researching and gave it a try!


Beeswax 3 oz
Shea butter 3 oz
Jojoba oil ( I used 5 drops)
Grapefruit essential oil ( depends on your preference between mild or strong fragrance)

Additional choices
Sweet almond oil
Coconut oil
Any other essential oil your heart desires


Melt the beeswax in a double boiler under medium flame. Then, add the Shea butter. Shea butter demands a little more patience and attention while melting. So stir stir stir stir....

Once done, take the mixture off the flame and add your choice of oils. Give them a good stir and immediately pour them into your molds.

The bars require an hour to set and then... Taadaa! your very own lotion bars are ready for a scrub! (I prefer silicon molds - silicon cupcake molds were used by me!)

Gift 'em
They make excellent gifts. Personalize them by imprinting initials or by using favorite essential oil. Wrap them up with beautiful tissue gift papers, to give it an extra 'wow' factor...

Let me know if you guys managed to make your own lotion bars. I would love to hear!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

What's C♥♥king Part 2 - Instagram Snapsh♥t!

Hello Angels
Yes, am determined to take you through all the awesome foodies I munch during my holidays!!
Treat it as a part 2 to my previous blog, covers mostly desserts! ( a part 2 was never planned for, but i had to share these with you guys! )

Plus, i discovered a new Favorite - Vapiano. Their Pastas and Pizzas are super delicious. For a mid day meal, i think the place is awesome with a great cozy and green ambiance.

 On my plate...

1/2/3 Vapiano  Garlic bread, Pizza and Cappuccino
4/5/6 Desserts from a recent family party  Cheesecake, Almond Pudding & Kiwi choco Pudding (courtesy my aunt)
♥ Cake from the party again (Don't ask me the name!)
♥ Salads
 No Nugget was not for dessert! This week he got his first treat! Good Boy!!

Soon after this am rushing to give my nails a new year's special manicure and varnish..woohoo
Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and an awesome bunch of prezzies! (Did you notice a lot of 'awesome', this time on my blog!!?)

I am prepping myself for an awesome DIY blog...which will go live on Jan 1st, 2013
Facing a 'lil trouble getting all the 'key items' fingers crossed!!!!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

What's C♥♥kin? Instagram Snapsh♥t

Hello Angels
Since am on my core leave until Jan 2, 2013....most of these days were spend partying, eating, shopping and sleeping!! (a lot of 'ing' going on)...i am exploiting my day offs to the core and no regrets what so ever!!  

 On my plate...

1/2 ♥ morning breakfast with mom @ More Cafe
3 ♥ Nando's
4 ♥ Burned cookies courtesy me and my grlfrnd (Of course our second batch turned out well)
5 ♥ Triple layer choco from Choco's
6 ♥ My Fav - Spicy royale from Burger King

Its always such a joy, if we can spare time for a lovely dinner or breakfast in a day. With a hectic work schedule am mostly deprived of it but i sure did make up for it this time...

What have you guys been munching on lately?

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Bunnies!!♥

Hello Angels
Before getting into the news, a 'lil background.........
As mentioned before, me and my husband love animals but despite this fact we really haven't owned any pet beyond a bird or a fish. No offense but to me somehow they don't fulfill the need for a pet. May be because i cannot really play or bond with them

Getting a pet according to me is a huge responsibility and I kept asking myself if am ready for it. Yes, came the answer instantly.....then so be it!

So last Friday, we decided to get two bunnies! Needless to say the decision was taken because we find them extremely cute and adorable. So we did our bit of roaming about in several pet shops and finally set our eyes on The Two bunnies

A girl and a boy. 3 months old. Pumpkin and Nugget

Their presence makes a huge difference in my day. Spending time talking and playing with them gives us immense happiness. Everyday they get about an hour in my balcony to run about. And the rest of the time I put them in their big enough cage

Pics of my babies....

Play time

That's the face Nugget makes when he is desperate for a run!

Being pure veggies, I have tried my hand with feeding pellets, cabbage and carrots. Radish, broccoli etc are my other options. Pure water is a must. Fruits can be given as an occasional treat.

When it comes to pets, house bunnies are third in place after cats and dogs. Taking them to local parks for a run may not be advisable because grass is usually heavily sprayed with pesticides. Bunnies have extremely fragile skeleton and hence care should be taken while lifting them.

Cuddle time

I have read as many articles and blogs possible on bunnies. But please feel free to advice me.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thank you note! ♥

Hello angels
This may not be the typical thanksgiving post many of you may have imagined! Many at a times, i zone out and take a look around at all the little blessings around me!
Does this happen to you?? honestly tell me?
So finally i decided to dedicate a blog post to pay my thanks to all the tiny, small or even big objects (in size) I use in my everyday life♥ 
They are mostly inexpensive but I don't think I can mange without them. They may not fall into the 'staple for life' category but they contribute highly to my everyday routine. I was extremely careful to exclude any luxury items. The list can go on, but I have limited my pick

All of these items are mostly less than $20
Disclaimer - These are man made objects am referring to specifically. Natures blessings are not forgotten and never will.

If you were to do something similar, what will your list constitute of? Am interested to know...
Have a great weekend angels....xoxo

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Gift....iPhone!♥

Hello Angels
Before I even start.....a BIG 'I LOVE YOU' to my parents...
For the past couple of weeks I was under the tech curse. My laptop refused to turn on. My iPad was just not equipped for all my editing work. My blackberry disowned Google talk and then what's app. I went flipping mad! They all just decided to abandon me....

Witness to all my crumbing - was of course my parents! They just could not stand the thought of me going mad at a young age..haha on a serious note, they decided to help me. So last Saturday, when I came back home after work, there was a lovely surprise awaiting me. A waaaayyyyyyyy advance b'day gift - an iPhone. Woohoo......

Am not a gizmo fan and hence never bothered to upgrade myself with a smartphone. (But yes, i do often borrow my dad's iPhone). The only reason i could justify the purchase of an iPhone earlier was the ability to use all those cute, adorable iPhone cases.  But the day finally arrived for me to move on! 

So soon after all my jumping and yelling was done with. I rushed to Virgin Mega Store to get myself an iPhone case. I also purchased a multi purpose iPhone holder. Trust me I think it's going to be very useful. I can place it on my work table, to get a good view of the screen. Hang it somewhere in my car, when i need to use the Navigator for instance etc etc

What was your most memorable surprise??

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Trip to the Z♥♥........

Hello Angels
Both me and my husband are animal lovers! May be more than me, my husband is. He is not a huge fan of shopping malls but every week he takes me shopping, without fuss!! (Am blessed )

So this week, i suggested the idea of visiting the Zoo. We were pretty excited as it was our first time to this particular one.

Can you even tell, am holding a sheep??!! Apparently both of us Love Black!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, especially because i could get extremely interactive with the animals.

Blooper of the day

 My mum being a major cleanliness freak, went flipping mad when i held the animals! hahah....

What are you guys upto?? xoxo 

Friday, December 14, 2012

My week so far....♥

Hello angels
The look and feel of post it notes on pin board as always made me feel happy. Sounds weird?? That's me! I really enjoy pinning my To Do list, Snaps, inspiring quotes etc on my pin board. So why note have a similar theme on my blog??

A quick flash back and update on my weekend...

Last Wednesday, me and my friends from work had a lovely fun filled party at an open terrace restaurant. It was next to the beach and the view was amazing. A perfect get away from a hectic work schedule!!

                                              Tell me what you guys think of it?! xoxo...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

♥ Giveaway Winner ♥

Hellooooo Angels
Super excited about today's blog post!!
 After work, i got down to pick my first Giveaway Winner...

And the winner is Miriam!!

Hello! Loving the blog and the ted baker makeup bags truly are gorgeous!
Anyway, something I like about myself would have to be my social skills, I am a real people person and get on with just about anybody! 
However I need to improve my concentration skills! If I am going to get my degree I'm going to have to stop staring into space in lectures and start concentrating!
Great blog!

Am extremely excited for you. Hope you are too! Please mail me your postal address so that i can ship your Gift asap. Also to ensure the gift reaches the true recipient please sent me a pic of your's holding a paper with your name!! I have checked your blog and will be able to identify you..

Do share your excitement with us!

To all my lovely followers, thank u sooo much for participating in the giveaway! It was really nice knowing your weakness and strengths. Makes me feel i have company

Enjoy your weekend!!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bags - My obsession!!

Hello Angels

Bags are my ultimate obsession. In my years of relationship with my precious bags,
I am guilty of infidelity 
I fall in love over and over again, there is no stopping me....
I call myself the most satisfied with my finds...And love all f them equally.
My obsession started probably in my teens. My taste however has gone through a drastic change.
I own roughly 20 or more. Trend comes secondary to me.

My check list while shopping a bag
Medium sized  I normally go for medium sized bags
Zipper ♥ A must,only exception made was for MK tote bag because my love for it was at a chronic stage and I had to treat myself
Price  I never go overboard with prices. If I really like a bag, I look for a means to get it at the cheapest cost. Shopping online as helped me always.
Sections ♥ I carry a lot of stuffs with me and for the same reason, like to organize them well
Strap ♥ Long strap is not a must for me. I can patiently carry them in my hand!
Overdone ♥ I try to avoid bags with over done sections, zippers and hardware.
Color  I try not to repeat colors. But this rule can be compromised!
Quality  No comprise with quality. 

Care and maintenance
Most bags shopped online comes in decent boxs
Dust bag is another must have. Bags need to be placed in their dust bags when not in use. I adhere to this religiously.

Here are few from my collection, am currently loving!!

Are you crazy about handbags?? What are your choices like? xoxo..

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Gifts for new Born...♥

Hello angels
Babies, truly gifts of god! And last week my family was blessed with a baby too...wohooo!
This also put me into a thought process concerning 'The Gift'. Shopping from stores randomly is an easy option, but i wanted to come up with a gift that both the parents and Child can cherish forever!

These in my opinion are the best gifts. To build memories a 'lil trouble has to be taken. A variety of keepsakes are available in stores now

My first Pair of sock
First x'mas ornament
♥ New born imprint kit 
♥ Silver Spoon (With the baby's name engraved on 'em)
♥ Customize Babysuits, mittens and booties by stitching initials

I decided to get an imprint ornament. These allow you to make imprints of the baby's feet or hand. How adorable!? In fact this can be followed as a 'lil tradition in the family. Framing imprints of your kids, can make a lovely wall piece

What in your opinion makes the best gift for new borns? 

My giveaway ends on Dec 11, 2012...
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Monday, December 3, 2012

What's in my Make Up bag?

Hello angels
Whenever I stumble over a 'what's in my bag' post or video, i view them with immense joy. 
Either of the 3 is sure to happen a) you may discover a new favorite b) you get an update on the 'must haves' c) end up simply adoring the pictures! True?

Disclaimer - I carry a LOT of stuffs in my handbag let aside my make up pouch. It just makes me feel prepared and good to go.... 

Chanel blush
Mac cream highlighter
Mac lipsticks in Taupe and speak louder
Mac eye gel liner
Perfume 212 sexy miniature (These i tell you, are life savers)
LancĂ´me mascara
Maybelline kohl
L'oreal Elnett Satin hair spray (miniature)
BBW hand cream
Botanics face wipes

Naa these ain't much...ignore the disclaimer above!

Most days I end up doing my eye and lip make up at work. Thereafter i don't do any touch ups. At times just my lip that's about it. 

What are your make up essentials on the move? i would  to know
Let me know if you need a sneak peek into the other items i carry with me!

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