Friday, December 14, 2012

My week so far....♥

Hello angels
The look and feel of post it notes on pin board as always made me feel happy. Sounds weird?? That's me! I really enjoy pinning my To Do list, Snaps, inspiring quotes etc on my pin board. So why note have a similar theme on my blog??

A quick flash back and update on my weekend...

Last Wednesday, me and my friends from work had a lovely fun filled party at an open terrace restaurant. It was next to the beach and the view was amazing. A perfect get away from a hectic work schedule!!

                                              Tell me what you guys think of it?! xoxo...


  1. It's so cute! Are those bows made into pins?

    1. Yes tat was the idea....happy ppl recognize it !!! Hehe...;)

  2. You rock gal!!!Like the energy and cool ideas!!!!
    Great to know you had a wonderful time at the party:)


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