Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy birthday.....

Dear UAE, 
You gave me the best memories of my life
With you i had the best days of my school life
You defined freedom to me
Your shopping malls, are my second home (& first on a Bad Day)
Your cafes and restaurants, I can die for
Your climate gets unbearable at times, but who is perfect in this world anyway
Your streets are clean and bedded with flowers through all seasons
Your festivals are jaw dropping
Your culture is humbling and most welcoming

You're my world...literally....

Dear UAE, happy 41st birthday

Helloo Angels
Yes Yes, am done with my clumsy can open your eyes now!
National day is celebrated big time here. Citizens and expats celebrate them in equal spirits.
Here are a few clicks of my car decor. Also i went one step further this year by painting cupcakes!!

How did i?
Ready made cup cakes
The colors - i mixed the cream with food coloring (Red and Green). For black, i used nutella! (Is there such a thing as black food coloring?? Well my shop didn't have any..)

Head rest, Dashboard decor
Miniature boxing gloves (loved ' cute!)
Tissue packs

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What are you guys up to this weekend? 

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  1. I agree with every word u said abt dxb.I rlly miss dxb.loved d idea of nutella for d black color n d cakes look delicious.n car decor idea rlly cute


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