Saturday, December 29, 2012

What's C♥♥king Part 2 - Instagram Snapsh♥t!

Hello Angels
Yes, am determined to take you through all the awesome foodies I munch during my holidays!!
Treat it as a part 2 to my previous blog, covers mostly desserts! ( a part 2 was never planned for, but i had to share these with you guys! )

Plus, i discovered a new Favorite - Vapiano. Their Pastas and Pizzas are super delicious. For a mid day meal, i think the place is awesome with a great cozy and green ambiance.

 On my plate...

1/2/3 Vapiano  Garlic bread, Pizza and Cappuccino
4/5/6 Desserts from a recent family party  Cheesecake, Almond Pudding & Kiwi choco Pudding (courtesy my aunt)
♥ Cake from the party again (Don't ask me the name!)
♥ Salads
 No Nugget was not for dessert! This week he got his first treat! Good Boy!!

Soon after this am rushing to give my nails a new year's special manicure and varnish..woohoo
Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and an awesome bunch of prezzies! (Did you notice a lot of 'awesome', this time on my blog!!?)

I am prepping myself for an awesome DIY blog...which will go live on Jan 1st, 2013
Facing a 'lil trouble getting all the 'key items' fingers crossed!!!!


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