Monday, December 17, 2012

A Gift....iPhone!♥

Hello Angels
Before I even start.....a BIG 'I LOVE YOU' to my parents...
For the past couple of weeks I was under the tech curse. My laptop refused to turn on. My iPad was just not equipped for all my editing work. My blackberry disowned Google talk and then what's app. I went flipping mad! They all just decided to abandon me....

Witness to all my crumbing - was of course my parents! They just could not stand the thought of me going mad at a young age..haha on a serious note, they decided to help me. So last Saturday, when I came back home after work, there was a lovely surprise awaiting me. A waaaayyyyyyyy advance b'day gift - an iPhone. Woohoo......

Am not a gizmo fan and hence never bothered to upgrade myself with a smartphone. (But yes, i do often borrow my dad's iPhone). The only reason i could justify the purchase of an iPhone earlier was the ability to use all those cute, adorable iPhone cases.  But the day finally arrived for me to move on! 

So soon after all my jumping and yelling was done with. I rushed to Virgin Mega Store to get myself an iPhone case. I also purchased a multi purpose iPhone holder. Trust me I think it's going to be very useful. I can place it on my work table, to get a good view of the screen. Hang it somewhere in my car, when i need to use the Navigator for instance etc etc

What was your most memorable surprise??


  1. Well deserved sis...A little gift for a wonderful daughter...Masha Allah....Love u umma uppa.

  2. One Christmas morning I went out to the kitchen and there was a pink bike sitting there! Best surprise ever :)!


    1. A! I miss's random we go biking now

  3. AWIIIEEEEE i love d stand.........i wanna grab d same........


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