Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bags - My obsession!!

Hello Angels

Bags are my ultimate obsession. In my years of relationship with my precious bags,
I am guilty of infidelity 
I fall in love over and over again, there is no stopping me....
I call myself the most satisfied with my finds...And love all f them equally.
My obsession started probably in my teens. My taste however has gone through a drastic change.
I own roughly 20 or more. Trend comes secondary to me.

My check list while shopping a bag
Medium sized  I normally go for medium sized bags
Zipper ♥ A must,only exception made was for MK tote bag because my love for it was at a chronic stage and I had to treat myself
Price  I never go overboard with prices. If I really like a bag, I look for a means to get it at the cheapest cost. Shopping online as helped me always.
Sections ♥ I carry a lot of stuffs with me and for the same reason, like to organize them well
Strap ♥ Long strap is not a must for me. I can patiently carry them in my hand!
Overdone ♥ I try to avoid bags with over done sections, zippers and hardware.
Color  I try not to repeat colors. But this rule can be compromised!
Quality  No comprise with quality. 

Care and maintenance
Most bags shopped online comes in decent boxs
Dust bag is another must have. Bags need to be placed in their dust bags when not in use. I adhere to this religiously.

Here are few from my collection, am currently loving!!

Are you crazy about handbags?? What are your choices like? xoxo..

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  1. Love them all!
    Hey what about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!

  2. Oh no... I have serious 'bag envy' now! What an amazing collection you have:) x

  3. Amazing and gorgeous collection indeed!!!


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