Friday, December 7, 2012

Gifts for new Born...♥

Hello angels
Babies, truly gifts of god! And last week my family was blessed with a baby too...wohooo!
This also put me into a thought process concerning 'The Gift'. Shopping from stores randomly is an easy option, but i wanted to come up with a gift that both the parents and Child can cherish forever!

These in my opinion are the best gifts. To build memories a 'lil trouble has to be taken. A variety of keepsakes are available in stores now

My first Pair of sock
First x'mas ornament
♥ New born imprint kit 
♥ Silver Spoon (With the baby's name engraved on 'em)
♥ Customize Babysuits, mittens and booties by stitching initials

I decided to get an imprint ornament. These allow you to make imprints of the baby's feet or hand. How adorable!? In fact this can be followed as a 'lil tradition in the family. Framing imprints of your kids, can make a lovely wall piece

What in your opinion makes the best gift for new borns? 

My giveaway ends on Dec 11, 2012...
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  1. Wow.. It z such a cute treasure forever.. <3 unique thought indeed:)


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