Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Flashback...Trip to Oman♥

hi all,
This weekend we are heading off to Oman, visiting my aunt and to explore the country . Am in my car, sitting next to my love, as i draft this blog post (hence, this post is going to be more in present tense than past, which i personally think is more fun to read. Also i don't trust my memory to recall every small detail of the journey on my return). We left at 5 am, so i had to get up at 4 am (yes! u heard me right). Hardly slept for 3 hrz! Was almost similar to being thrown in my pj's into the car. 

After 2 hrz of drive, we pulled over at a restaurant for a some breakfast. Then i quickly turned my attention to some on the move make up (Its sooo much FUN!!). Its a 6 hr travel to Oman from Dubai (where i live). Oman, just like Dubai falls under the Middle east cluster (Only for those who slept through their geography class like me!!). 

During this trip, i will be taking a step back from my regular tech life. Away from internet & blackberry...for the same reason this post will go live only on my return. 

Site seeing moments
With Katy Perry giving us a background score, we are heading for some adventure. The chain of humongous mountains is a jaw dropping site. Never in my life have i seen such huge one's. Throughout the journey i had my face stuck to the car window, amazed by the site like a 5 yr old. I even managed to climb a small one. Let me take a moment to explain you guys the scene. We pulled over on my insistence to click a few pics. The very second the car came to a standstill i sprang out, running towards the nearest mountain with my husband running behind me to stop me from doing anything tooo spontaneous...hehe!


Hope you had a nice weekend too....xoxo

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