Friday, October 12, 2012

Frame your memories!!

Loved, awaited and desired by all♥  As much as i love receiving gifts, i enjoy and take immense pleasure in gifting others too.
I have known my husband for almost 3 years now, though we got married a year ago. During this period, i have gifted him almost all male oriented handy dandy gifts. This month on his b'day i decided to be a lil creative...
The gift was a romantic pool sided dinner at a classy restaurant♥  Now rather than saying it by word of mouth or on a card i decided to frame an invitation. Found this to be an ideal way to build memories. So here you go, i will let the pictures talk...

  Articles needed
Form Board or Chart paper (any color)
Frame (Mine from Ikea)
Snaps taken on THE DAY (Of course this can be attached only after the day, and not when gifting

Pictures can be of any favorable size. My personal favourite are the wallet sized one's, which can easily be slipped into any frame.

Create one for every special occasion with some notes written on it describing the day...and build a wall of memories...xoxo

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