Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Flashback♥

Hi All
I had a such a relaxing and entertaining weekend. Managed to tick off everything in my To Do List for the week!! (Doesn't that give one a very self satisfying feeling??) 

Visited the local Carnival and got to witness fireworks (I never get enough of these)
♥ Tap Dance performed at the Carnival (admire their stamina, they were performing non stop for an hr)
Some yummy corn
Weekend shopping (So happy with all the stuffs i got) A lovely long top. Fell in love with it's color combination(Right) and an Aztec print top from Promod (left)
Vintage styled heart shaped ear rings.
Bath n Body works hand cream...smells heavenly (Shea Cashmere and Velvet Tuberose)
Say hello to my new Tom Cat Pen drive. I have been eyeing these for loooong. Ain't they adorable??
Like a good grl, reorganized my make up items
Ever since we got the new Canon printer, i have been enjoying taking photo prints and collage

Eid Al Adha (Religious celebration of Muslim) is next week and i have lotzzz to shop and prepare for. Managed to buy a couple of things for myself. But haven't purchased gifts and ornaments yet for the main day.....

Tell me how your weekend went by?? Would you want me to share picz of my shopping this week??? xoxo........

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