Monday, October 22, 2012

♥ Twist to my Day♥

After a lovely weekend....i had to encounter a rather boring Saturday day off! My husband was working and i felt so out of place and lonely that i took off to a nearest shopping mall for some distraction. Sometimes the world looks so gloomy that the simplest of things can bring great joy and  happiness. This may be reason why a shop that i have passed by a million times before helped me cheer up on a Bad Day!!

 Candylicious - Dream world to a candy lover. I love buying hello kitty candies, jelly beans and cupcakes from here. It's such a colorful shop ( pretty huge to even be called a shop). But what i found this time around was not another favorite candy but a cute Violet basket (Like i said, it was a very simple find, but it made me happy instantly!! Grls i tell you.... ). Apparently i think it is meant to gift chocolates and candies, but i had other plans.

 Found these cute 3 pairs of sock from Aldo to keep my feet warm at night. Cherry on top it had my favorite 'Owl Print'  

 Lush mini Haul - Grabbed a few lush products.
   Rehab shampoo (Good for hair fall. As well as enriches your scalp, So it says......)
   Retread Conditioner (for now i just got a sample, letz see how it works)
   Brazened Honey (Face scrub, used it twice already - love how it leaves my skin clean and fresh)
   Figs and Leaves soap (Yet to try)
Review coming soon!

 For long, i was desperately looking for an apt container to store all my bed side table items. This little basket had 4 sections, which let me place my books, sock, cream and much more. Love it........ 

Well looks like distraction comes with a Price Tag, but who cares i got my smile back...priceless!!
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