Friday, October 5, 2012

Decode Your Craving...♥

As i had promised in my 'Opening Piece', i love to share everything that catches my eye and interest. This includes articles and information i find useful to people. I read an article on the subject published by Aquarius magazine and since not all may come across the magazine i decided to share. So all credits due to the magazine. To get things a little more personalized i did add my thoughts to it 

Go ahead take a bit!! 

All of us have our weaknesses. Mine would be chocolates and spicy food. But before indulging in them, take a moment and give it a thought. Is it just a harmless craving or is it our body yelling out at us for Help!!??

Cravings towards Burger and Fries
Fact - High fat food stimulates the pleasure centre of the brain. If your craving for high fat food, it may mean you suffer from Dopa-mine deficiency. The deficiency increases your craving, and you eat lot more and this sets the craving cycle. Doctors often look at consumption of too much high fat food as an addiction.  
Solution - Include more protein to your diet 

Craving for Crisps and popcorn
Facts - Craving for salty food could be a sign of stress. Adrenal glands located above the kidneys, help deal stress and regulate body's salt level. But when human reach a chronic stress level from bad relationship or job hate problem, this overloads the adrenal. As a result, body's fail to operate well, leading to high desire for salty foods.
Solution - Take it slow fellows! Relax and take it easy. Avoid excess intake of coffee and tea. Exercise and yoga helps

Craving for Chocolates (This is for me....)
Facts - The hormones in our body change during menstrual cycle. After menstruation, level of  Oestrogen drop, leading to drop in serotonin. the happy hormone of the body. Chocolate can raise your serotonin, and craving can be a sign of deficiency of serotonin.
Solution - Exercise and eat more green leafy vegetables.

Craving for Spice food
Facts - If you cannot resist yourself from the urge to eat something spicy, a lack of Zinc could the problem. Zinc forms a big part in our sense of taste, and if you suffer from Zinc deficiency you may tend to seek for spicy flavors. Smoking reduces Zinc, which can be the reason why smokers also crave intensely for spice.
Solution - Eat more seeds, nuts, seafood and oily fish like salmon 

Craving for Coke, Tea and Coffee
Facts - All high in caffeine. Craving for these can be caused by stress. Details as mentioned above.

Simply add good routines to your lifestyle and we would never have to compromise on favorite Foods

Hope the post proves useful!! Take care of yourself and be happy....xoxo
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  1. This is really interesting. I go through craving pretty much all of these things. That pasta looks so good! x

  2. Hope like i said, its just a harmless craving Vanessa..x


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