Saturday, October 6, 2012

The 'Coming Soon' tab ♥

Hellooo all
Won't it be great if we could see the future or the least have a sneak peek preview of it??? Oo yes!
The excitement of receiving a gift is not limited to the object alone but extended to the surprise and suspense associated with it. Simply thinking about an upcoming event or occasion sets me into a happy mood weeks before. So why am I tutoring you guys about all this?

Well, I have decided to give my readers a sneak peek into the future, by appending a 'coming soon' tab in my blog. It would be placed on the right hand corner of the page.

One of my concern factors while deciding to start a blog was if I would be able to contribute consistently. Now that I have began to write, I did overcome that fear, and find plenty of topics to write on. So most often I know before hand what am going to blog about in the coming weeks.

What do you think about the new tab? Helpful? Tell me about it....xoxo

I have placed The breast Cancer awareness ribbon at the bottom of my page. Show your support by appending one in your Blog and spread awareness. Please feel free to use the image but kindly link it back to my Blog 

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