Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No.7 Facial Recovery Aftersun

Hello Angels
I had totally different plans for my upcoming blogpost but i had to tweak my schedule a 'lil to dedicate a post to a well deserving product

As you may all know, this weekend i went to a beautiful beach situated on a tiny island! The Sun gets quite harsh and intense during summers in Dubai. So i dropped by Boots to get myself a new sunscreen. Next to the sunscreen lotion section was the 'After Sun' based products. Honestly i was not aware of a 'After Sun' skincare based products (i may be sounding really dumb to you guys now). How did i miss it??? Please tell me how many of you were aware of this?

Anyway moving on...there were several brands offering the 'After Sun' skincare products but i went for the No.7. A save choice for a newbee! 

At the end of the day, when i was done with my 'lil getaway...my skin looked quite dehydrated and dull. This often happens despite using sunscreen in Dubai weathers. After cleansing my face, i applied the No.7 After Sun Facial cream liberally onto my face and neck. The result was evident. I wish i had taken a before after pic for proof. Within few hours my skin looked bright, healthy and hydrated. One could hardly tell i was exposed to sun all day

The product does a fantastic job. It smells great, texture is similar to any other lotion and does a great job for just $14....Bang!!

The product contains Rosehip seed oil, anti oxidents and Vit A to help skin recover from Sun exposure. I would highy recommend this product to all. Many of us know the importance of using a sunscreen but few of us overlook the after sun care required. Moisturizing and cooling your skin after several hours of sun exposure is a must even though you may not feel the need. This 'lil champ as gained a permanent spot in my beach bag now!!

Do let me know if you use a After Sun skincare. Also which other brands would you recommend?
Have a awesome week lovelies......

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  1. I was on vacation to Morocco and been exposed to the sun ! I have to give that a try !

    BTW , you've been tagged !!


  2. These look like amazing products! I want to give them a try.

    Une Jolie Vie

    1. Please do...they are awesome and so reasonably priced too...


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