Friday, August 2, 2013

My Friday..

Hello Angels
It's Friday! woop woop...
Last night i slept at around 3 am and hence woke up quite late today morning. However, this didn't hinder my Friday morning routine of self pampering. I believe every girl need to allot herself one day in a week for self pampering. A candle lit bubble bath with a prolonged skin care routine is a must for me on every Friday. It washes away all my fatigue and tiredness build throughout the week. (am extremely enjoying the use of REN Glycolactic Mask. Let me know if you guys want a review on it) 

Friday also witnesses a lot of cleaning and tidying up. Today it was my vanity case! I love this case i bought not so long ago for my trip to Istanbul. Since then, it as become an integral part of my beauty storage. Isn't it a beauty in itself??

Then of course, i exploit the lavish time at my disposal to catch up with my favorite blogs and you tube videos.

Clicking pics and edit work on my up coming blog post is another common Friday sight..

This month am looking forward to quite a few no of post deliveries. My Casetagram for iphone 4s, GlamBox (something similar to the Glossy box in UK), Sigma Brush replacement and so on. And most importantly i have been working with Amy Arthurs on a blog makeover for Angel's Corner. I can't wait to install the new blog template....fingers crossed!

Lastly about half an hour ago, i received this hilarious spam message! I don't mind one Captain, but 2 sons??!!
What is your Friday routine like? Does it involve bubble bath and skin pamper?
Have a lovely weekend guys...

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♥ xoxo 


  1. Ha ha ha, I love the spam message! You could be in for a treat with a Captain AND 2 sons??

    I think I need to set aside a specific day for a bit of pampering at home!
    Thanks for the tip:)

  2. Had to laugh at the spam email! I get some but luckily they get diverted to my Spam Folder which I go through sometimes to see if I've missed an email. I enjoy the crazy ones like this!

    ~Hannah xx


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