Monday, August 26, 2013

My New Desk

Hello Angels
Who doesn't want to be more organised? All does! But it takes a 'lil effort to get there...
Last week i made a conscious effort towards getting more organized. My first task was to get a Desk. So keeping up with the tradition, i made my way to Ikea. Found the Perfect Desk. Right size. Right features. 

It fits just right in the 'lil space i had left in my room. Yay! I made sure not to over crowd the desk with too many things. It comes with a small drawer. Again just about right to house my organizer and iPad.

This small 'lil change, seems to have had a big impact on my routine. I no more slouche on my bed with a laptop. I sit upright and have a proper eye level to the screen. Having flowers on my desk is must because they bring in that extra joy and always makes me happy.  

Do you guys have a work desk at home? Do you think it is important to have one?
Have a great week lovelies!

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♥ xoxo 


  1. cute! My desk is usually a complete mess with uni work .. but there is nothing like a clean desk for clarity :)

  2. I have a desk at home, i honestly don't know how I coped without one! It gives me the well needed space to get on with my business x

    1. Amy I don't blame you! When at uni that's pretty much everyone's condition...
      @anya agree! Now I wonder the same. What took me soooo long to get

  3. waaawwww cute on Fatma

  4. I love your desk its so cute! the flowers are really pretty as well xx


    1. @thaani thanks hun..
      @bunny I love the flowers too...brightens my room!


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