Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Casetagram

Hello Angels
Hope you guys are rocking the weekend!
I am very passionate about capturing moments, be it with my family or just a lovely moment. Carrying my SLR is perhaps more important to me than carrying a handbag! So when i came across the Website 'Casetagram', i literally jumped with joy! One can use their Instagram or Non Instagram pics to create personalized phone covers.

Having to select only a few from my huge photo collection was the only difficulty i faced. The rest takes about less than 30min. Log in to the website. Select a collage format of your choice. Insert pics. Save. Your done! Make the payment and your personalized phone cover will be delivered in a week's time. The final product is amazing and of good quality. Cost $35 (Incl. international shipping)

They do covers for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy series and many more. I absolutely adore mine. Casetagram is pretty famous among the crowd. But for those who haven't heard of them i hope this post helps. FYI, this is not a sponsored post in anyway!

How do you like my Casetagram? Do you own one? What do you think of it?

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