Monday, January 26, 2015

M.A.C LOVE | Highlighter + Eyeliner

Hello Angels
I've been long obsessed with highlighters. Some of my favorites being Mary Lou by The Balm, Nars stick highlighter, Dior Skin Flash, Chanel Le Blanc and now M.A.Cs Prep + Prime. 

The twister pen technique allows controlled application. The color is absolutely gorgeous, not too pearl white not too peachy. The right combination of both. I tend to use it under by eyes area and drag it slightly towards my cheek bone for that perfect glow. On special occasions, there is no stopping me - it goes on my cheekbone, chin, bridge of my nose and forehead. The texture is liquid-y but it hardly greases and sits well even without powder. 

love, love, love and a must try. 

For about 2 months now I've been using black pencil to line my eyes. Eventually reached a stage where i was desperately missing those liquid liners. 

I checked out Makeupforever and Illamasqua but settled finally for MAC. MAC do both rigid and soft brush liquid liners. I went for the rigid one because this gives me more precision and control. It allows you to draw that perfect flick. What more can i ask for?

It hardly hardly budges. Given the fact my eyes get very water-y at times. 

Let me know which are your favorite highlighters


Friday, January 23, 2015

First Aid Beauty | Review

Hello Angels
One of the best things about festive season is almost all brands release gift hampers with some of their best products. I make a good use of this opportunity and gift myself a few!! 

First Aid Beauty is an American cosmetic brand that has been in the limelight for a while. Here are my thoughts on 3 products i received 

Face Cleanser with FAB Antioxidant Booster
Pearl-ish form texture, that helps remove make-up or cleanse face without leaving behind any residue. Initially i used to wipe my face with Bioderma followed by this cleanser. But eventually stuck to using only the cleanser and it did an excellent job. SAVE!

Most cleanser leaves a dry-tight feeling but no such fuss with this one. My face feels clean and normal with no dryness.

The product is infused with botanical antioxidants. However i don't see my skin benefiting a lot from them since the product is ultimately washed away.

Facial Radiance Pads
OK! So this product was much much looked forward to. But am disappointed. Gutted. Almost all beauty Guru's i follow was raving about it and that definitely kept my hopes high!
a) it gave me a mild sting from first use. Second time the same effect.
b) the product is meant to exfoliate, tone and brighten but a normal liquid toner does the same job too minus the sting.
c) the pads are well soaked. Perhaps too soaked. I feel a lot gets wasted because i have a small face!

So all in all, i won't recommend investing in it.

Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration
Treatment for dry parched skin. Now my hands specially are definition to 'Parched' skin by all means. I need to constantly apply cream else they look and feel miserable. I've been taking this cream with me to work and applying it every now and then. My hands don't feel extra moisturized or hydrated. So the product basically acts like any other normal cream with no special powers.

I realize this post haven't been very positive except for the cleanser. But fact remains.
Have you tried FAB products? What are your thoughts?

Available at


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kiehls's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado | Review

Hello Angels
I try and not include Age Defying cosmetics and skincare in my routine. Primarily because i like to age naturally and not mess up normal cycle of life. Now this is my personal view. 

One product i have never included in my routine is an eye cream. a) the effort of introducing another product in my routine and having to make sure i use it - pure laziness! b) most eye creams i came across or that gained 'Hype'  in the market contained Anti Aging ingredients. 

I finally did find the one for me. That fits my needs - Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Key ingredient being Avocado and key target being Hydration. The texture is smooth and rich. Takes a while to sink in but once done your skin feels hydrated and quenched. I love how the cream very much resembles a 'Real' avocado extract, it gives you the feeling of using something very Natural!

It causes absolute no irritation to eyes and is fragrance free. Bonus for me it excludes active Age Defying ingredients. A little goes a long way. So paying that AED150/USD35 for 0.5oz is OK. 

Result? I don't see any visible reduction in my dark circle. But the skin around my eyes feels well taken care of. The cream is light and very moisturizing. My mum's skin is extremely sensitive and she finds the product extremely comforting and non irritating too. 

Let me know your take on Anti Aging products. Also any good eye creams to look out for?


Friday, January 9, 2015

Pencil it in!

Hello Angels
Happy New Year to all you lovely peeps....
My first post for 2015 is all about some FAB pencil beauty products. These have been a part of my routine
for pretty long time and i absolutely DOT on them. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye/Lip Pencil 
These beauties from Urban Decay are a must have. Color eye liners are not my cup of tea but nevertheless i gave them a go (blogger genes!!). The texture absolutely steals the show - Super smooth, creamy, well pigmented and waterproof!! Ingredients include Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Cottonseed Oil to keep your eye moisturized. 

Deviant and Ranson are gorgeous metallic Blue and Purple (Deviant being slightly more favorite). I don't go overboard with them though keeping in mind they can be quite 'Poppin'... So a tad bit on lower waterline does the trick. Available in 10 shades.

The Lip Pencils are equally good but not creamy as above. Which meets the purpose in a way because we don't want a lip liner that moves around. 

Price AED90/USD20

Face shop Catch My Eye Liner
Here is a keeper. Black eye liner from Face Shop is very reasonably priced with absolute no comprise in quality. Smooth and long lasting. The tip allows easy application without having to exert too much pressure. 
and it comes with a blender tip. 


Hope you enjoyed this collection of useful pencil products...Let me know your thoughts.