Monday, January 26, 2015

M.A.C LOVE | Highlighter + Eyeliner

Hello Angels
I've been long obsessed with highlighters. Some of my favorites being Mary Lou by The Balm, Nars stick highlighter, Dior Skin Flash, Chanel Le Blanc and now M.A.Cs Prep + Prime. 

The twister pen technique allows controlled application. The color is absolutely gorgeous, not too pearl white not too peachy. The right combination of both. I tend to use it under by eyes area and drag it slightly towards my cheek bone for that perfect glow. On special occasions, there is no stopping me - it goes on my cheekbone, chin, bridge of my nose and forehead. The texture is liquid-y but it hardly greases and sits well even without powder. 

love, love, love and a must try. 

For about 2 months now I've been using black pencil to line my eyes. Eventually reached a stage where i was desperately missing those liquid liners. 

I checked out Makeupforever and Illamasqua but settled finally for MAC. MAC do both rigid and soft brush liquid liners. I went for the rigid one because this gives me more precision and control. It allows you to draw that perfect flick. What more can i ask for?

It hardly hardly budges. Given the fact my eyes get very water-y at times. 

Let me know which are your favorite highlighters


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  1. What are your views on the Mary Lou one? I was thinking of getting it as I've heard it leaves a golden sheen - pearly white powders don't really suit me - would you recommend it? :)

    Maria @


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