Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All about Bath Oils and my favorite 3

Hello Angels
Couple of years back, i was really confused with the concept of Bath Oils. Meaning what they were meant for? Imagine pouring a tiny amount into a Tub full of water. What exact benefit does it bring plus these oils are mostly very expensive. So for those who have my same curiosity here is the answer - 

Oils when mixed with water penetrate into skin faster. They can effectively combat fatigue, anxiety, dryness, stiffness, joint pains etc. Most common ingredients seen are Lavender, Rose, Sesame seeds, wood/tree based oils, olive oil, jojoba oil etc

Below are my Top 3 picks..

Neals Yard Remedies was kind enough to sent me their Rose Spa Collection (my love for Bath seems to be well known!). I haven't really ventured out into many of their products so this seemed to be a good opportunity. Now what excited me the most was their Rose & Pomegranate Bath Oil. 

This one from Neal's Yard contains Rose, Pomegranate, Patchouli and few other essential oils. The fragrance immediately transports you into a 'Spa feeling'. It had a very soothing effect and actually helped me relax. My skin felt smooth and taken care of. 

Available at Neals Yard Remedies boutique Dubai Mall, Meadows Town Center, Al Wahda Mall.
100ml AED160/USD25

Origins Calm to your Senses - 
Another favorite of mine. Leading aromas being Lavender and Vanilla combined with Soybean, jojoba, grapefruit and other essential oils. Fragrance wise Origins is lighter than former but gives the same soothing feel and leaves behind a smooth skin.

Available online at and feelunique
150ml AED160/USD25

Blanc by The White Company
A recent buy. This baby was not really under my radar. But the recent sale at The White Company made me do it plus its F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C scent! Now fragrance wise this is my favorite of all. It contains apricot and sweet almond oil. The scent is uber refreshing (white geranium and juniper berry) and yet strong enough to linger all day.

Blanc is more of a luxury product versus the above 2 with better ingredients. But on days when i need a 'pick me up' or need a 'lil luxury pampering, this one is my go-to!

Available at all The White Company stores. 200ml AED208/USD50

Bath Oils are mostly organic and natural plus you get your money's worth. A relaxing bath is all we can ask for after a hectic day's work. So i would highly recommend buying one and giving yourself a treat on occasions. Trust me it is addictive! Lol....

I would also love to try various Bath forms and Salts too. Let me know where to start?



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