Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blog Business Card

Hello Angels

This weekend i made that extra effort to establish my blog by printing a few business cards. Now, how important is it to have a business card for your blog? If you attend a lot of events or interact with PR persons, then you may require a business card. Else no. 

Lately, i have been attending few events and having a BC helps me cascade my details and publicize my blog. Plus it also gives out an impression that your blog is well established and you are serious about it.

I wanted my card to convey a lot about me and my blog. So I went for a chic yet fun design. My first thought was to seek professional help with the design work. Then after giving it a thought and considering the cost involved, i decided to design one myself. Good decision. In 3 hrs time, I was done designing the template. I kept the front really simple with a white background. However, opted for a red colored back side.

I then got them processed with the printers. Overall cost USD17 for 115 cards.

I gave myself 3 options with the designs. And well, you know which one i opted for! I am sooooo in love with the card design and material. Also proud that I managed to pull it out at low cost. With Google and Pinterest at our disposal, anything is possible. Let me know if you need any help or advice.

Tell me how you guys like it?? Which out of the 3 did you like? Do you own a business card or intend to print one?? Please note, check on 'Notify Me' checkbox when you comment, to receive a notification email when i respond back to your comments. Letz make the communication 2 way!!!

Love xx

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lush Haul | Review

Hello Angels

A quick mini Lush haul slash review for you guys..
The other day i was walking past Lush store, which reminded me my Popcorn Lip Scrub was almost over and i needed a restock. I was served by a lovely lady named Aleksandra. Lush staffs are super friendly and at all times pumped with energy!! Anyways, she kindly offered me few of her picks to try out.

Here is what i think

Popcorn Lipscrub
A Google search on these words would perhaps find you thousands of reviews. But i still wanted to share my opinion. Harsh sunlight and dryness is a part and parcel of living in Dubai. Though i don't suffer from severe chapped lips, this product forms a part of my daily routine. I use it before hitting bed, for a uber soft and moisturized lip. No Joke! I pop it into my handbag most days for a mid day scrub. 

It is power packed with Coconut, Jojoba Oil, Sugar and Sea salt. What more?

Honey I Washed the Kids
Smells Divine. Smells heaven. The scent alone gives me a reason to bag it for the rest of my life. But wait there is more. It does a good job too. With its core ingredient Honey, it does a fantastic job in moisturizing you skin. Your skin is left velvet soft and smells great. One piece lasts you for a decent amount of time too. Am sold for life.

Honey Bee Ballistic Bath Bomb
Aleksandra gave me this to use in combination with HIWTK. A good pair. You can't really go wrong with Lush bath bombs. Right? They make my weekend bubble bath extra special. With Honey Bee immerse yourself in rich yellow water with not soo overpowering smell. Leaves your skin fresh and soft. And the scent lingers for couple of hours. 
I would have loved all Lush bath bombs even more if they lathered well, without having to use the whole piece in one go. Hence the reason i use them only during my pamper weekends. 

What are you fav Lush product? Have you used any of the above? Next i fancy buying Emotional Brilliance and one of their perfumes. Any suggestions??
Please note, check on 'Notify Me' checkbox when you comment, to receive a notification email when i respond back to your comments. Letz make the communication 2 way!!!

FYI - i was not asked to review these products. Neither do i receive any consideration for it. Reviews are based on my personal views only. 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Feature with Grazia Magazine

Hello Angels
Super excited to share my happiness with you guys! I am sooo pumped with joy right now..
This week's Grazia Middle East was a fashion issue. And they did several features including a feature on few fashion/lifestyle bloggers based in Middle East. I was chosen and got to do a photo shoot with the team. The experience was amazing. And i felt really good about myself and my hard work, that got me all the attention.

The feature covered a few details on my style and fashion sense. The best part was they even printed my blog address. That's like free publicity!! Thanks a ton Grazia....

Here are a few clicks from the magazine. Excuse the quality. I haven't receive my soft copy yet. And the news was too much for me to hold for long. I had to share. 

And of course, i had to cut out the page and frame the same. Keepsake.

Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend...
Thanks to each and everyone of you for your support and love


Monday, September 23, 2013

M.A.C Haul

Hello Darlings
Last weekend i went MAC crazy. Literally!!
All those who follow me on Instagram or twitter would know about this shopping spree of mine.
I bought myself (finally) 2 Mac palette cases. One for my blushers and another for my eye shadows. These are without doubt very expensive. But since i travel a lot and a bit of an organize freak, i felt this will serve me good. Depoting my blushers was a task but once i got the knack of it, it took me less than 5 min to depot a blush. 

All in all i have 3 Mac blushers and 2 Mac eye shadows. I own more of Mac lipsticks than any other product of their's. But i see myself buying a lot more in future, so this will come in handy. The eye shadow you spot in the pic is 'woodwinked'. Perhaps one of the best Mac sellers. A lovely bronze orangy color.

Must say the feeling of owning Mac palettes is soo satisfying. The quality of the palette is excellent. 
Now moving on to the Lipstick. I had 6 Mac empties. So on returning them back to the store, i got to pick a free Lipstick. I choose Mac's Pink Nouveau. A lovely bubblegum pink. Satin finish and stays on for long. Gorgeous color.

Blusher palette US$ 67
Eye shadow palette US$ 14

What is your fav MAC product? Which other eye shadow or blusher would you suggest i go for next?
Have a great week guys!

Pleas note, blogger as now modified the 'comment' tab. It now enables you to receive a notification when i respond back to your comments!!! A feature i sooo badly wanted for long is finally here. Helps us to be in touch and communicate two way...


Friday, September 20, 2013

Ted Baker Clutch

Hello Darlings...
I am a huge Ted Baker fan. Their collections are to die for. My first giveaway was a Ted Baker make up bag. So yes, you pretty much get the point. 

Last week i visited the Ted Baker store, to check out their AW13 collection. I knew this wasn't a healthy decision for my wallet. Anyway i risked it. The collection was not so surprisingly amazing. I loved the Autumn inspired dresses. Another favorite of mine were the TAFFETY purses they launched. OMG! Gorgeous...

It came in pink, green, black, red, orange, blue and leopard print. Yes, almost all much loved colors. My choice was obvious. It had to be the Leopard print. The outer skin of the purse is made of Pony skin, with a metallic 'T' clasp. 

Cost $135. Investment on a good purse always comes in handy.
I love to pair it with my new red Zara trouser and a black, neatly tailored top from Mango. Chic look plus a  combination you can't go wrong with. The Leopard print stands out in red. In fact i put together this entire outfit to highlight the purse. Last week i had a photo shoot with Grazia magazine for their next issue's AW feature. I wore the same outfit. And will surely share the pics with you lovelies once the issue is out.

Am going absolute leopard print crazy this Autumn/Winter. Next am looking for ballet pumps!!
How did you guys like my buy? How do you like to dress this season??

Hope you guys are all pumped up for an exciting weekend ahead!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bow Love...

Hello Darlings..
Before i begin with the subject post. Say 'helloo' to my new blog template. Been working on the same with Amy Arthurs for almost a month and a half now. I absolutely love the final look and it is soo me!! Do care to visit all pages. Categories page is one of my fav. Let me know what you guys think..

Moving on...
Last week i attended two AW13 collection launch events. Coming up with the right outfit is one of my most favorite part of attending events. During my shopping spree, i was on a look out for a statement waist belt. With the minimal time that i was left with, i failed to find one but instead found these gems from New Look. 

I love bows. So when i spotted these in new look, i knew i had to own them. They were sold in bundle of 3 for just $10. Bargain!! And look at the colors.... Blue, leopard print and black. I can't decide which one i love more. All three are lovely and can be styled in so many different ways.

I wore the blue belt with a black Zara jumpsuit for one of the events. Very chic, very trendy. Such belts are awesome to turn your outfits from 'just regular' to 'chic'. Agree?

To add further, this season leopard prints are topping the fashion charts. Which also made me shop a leopard print clutch from Ted Baker. I intend to do post on the same soon. Let me know if you guys are interested.

How do you guys like the belts? Do you agree they are an absolute bargain?
Have a lovely week my loves

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Real Techniques Brushes | Review

Hello Angels
Long time no see??!! I was not keeping well and hence the lack of blog posts. Doing much better now and making a come back with a review on the very famous Real Techniques Makeup brushes by Samantha Chapman. One among the Pixiwoo sisters. I simply adore these ladies and follow their beauty videos regularly.

Last month i purchased the RT Stippling brush. The intention was to use the same for Blush application. The quality of the brush is beyond amazing and i totally understand the hype now. The bristles are made of ultra plush taklon, which are uber soft and gentle on your skin. I now use it for blush and highlighter application. Never have i experienced a more natural and air brushed look. It blends in the product neatly and effortlessly. A dream come true for all those ladies (incl myself!) who are lazy when it comes to blending!!

After the immense satisfaction i received from my first purchase, i could not resist but look for more 'must haves' from the brand. So with out further a due, my shopping cart was filled with a Eye Makeup starter kit. I am a massive massive fan of eye makeup. You cannot separate me from gel eyeliner, mascara and kohl. So it only seemed right for me to order the eye makeup kit. The starter kit includes a shadow, Crease, Accent, Eyeliner and a Brow brush. Plus they come in a user friendly case. What more can you ask for??

The crease and accent brush are my favorite. Handle of these brushes fit perfectly into your hands, giving the right grip and control during application. RT brushes are way more cheaper than MAC and Sigma brushes. Making them even more worth bagging! Stippling brush $10 and the starter kit $18. However, since the official website does not offer International shipping, i had to buy mine from a local Middle east based website for a slightly higher price. No Complaints!!!

Samantha also provides online tutorials on how best each of her brush can be put to use. So do check them out after your purchase. Next on my wish list is the buffing brush (saving up!)

Do you own a real techniques brush? What other brands would you suggest?
Have a rocking weekend guys...

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♥ xoxo 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Self Photo Shoot

Hello Darlings...
Being a lifestyle/beauty blogger we all spend a lot of time snapping pictures, creating props, in photo shoots etc. I love photography. And my first step towards developing my knowledge and skills was to purchase a good camera. Few months back i purchased the Canon 600D and since then i have been massively enjoying snapping even more. 

My new blog template is nearly done. Which is when i also realized, the need for a new profile pic. Additionally i have been working on a few projects recently, were i need to submit my details alongside my pictures. Hence a call for a photo shoot was loud and clear. 

I had 2 choices. Opt for a professional studio photo session. Which will cost be a lot of money. Or i could myself arrange for a photo shoot. The second option was much cheaper of course. Though i had no expertise, i decided to give it a try anyways. The idea appealed to me.

You will need  - 
A Camera (SLR is always the best option)
A remote control for the camera. 
Photoshop software
Good lighting (nothing like natural light)

Decide on the various look you want to go for. Both in terms of make up and outfit. Enjoy, be yourself and get snapping!!! Of course, you don't need a remote if there is a friend who can help you out. Similarly, if you don't own an SLR, lend one for a day from a friend. I preferred to conduct the session all by myself. No hurry. No pressure. No time limit.

Here are a few snaps i clicked. These are 70% done. I still need to edit background, lighting etc.

 I can't tell you how happy i am with all the pics. They turned out way better than my expectation and the whole process was fun. I had nothing to lose if they went wrong and zero cost involved!! 

What do you guys think? Have you conducted a photo session before?

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♥ xoxo 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chanel Love | Review

Hello my lovelies...
My twitter/Instagram followers are well aware of my recent cosmetic purchase. I left home for a pick me up shopping spree and this is what i returned with. It wasn't a random buy. A decent Red Lipstick and a Primer was on my wishlist for quite sometime now. Though it was a coincident that my research led me to 2 Chanel products. Not very healthy for my wallet. Lol

Chanel Rouge Coco 25
First the Red Lippy. I am very conscious when it comes to wearing a red lip. I own a Red lipstick from Elizabeth Arden's special edition. But not a big fan of it. When the Sales lady at Chanel counter tried this particular red lipstick on me, I told myself  'gal, u look pretty!!'. For the first time I felt I could pull off a Red lip. It applies smoothly and easily onto your lip. And stays put for a decent no of hours. You may have to retouch after 3 hrs. But no complaints. It isn't too bright. For me it is the Perfect red.
Cost $45

Chanel Le Blanc (light revealing whitening makeup base)
Moving on to the Primer. Frankly i am not a primer person. I don't feel the need to apply a primer most often and also believe they don't enhance your look much. But after trying out this product, i was converted. Out of the 3 shades available, i picked Rosee. The color of the primer is very whitish. But once you apply your foundation on top of it, it gives you a luminous look. Something we all wish to attain.

I love the texture and smell. Easy to apply and it does bring in a notetable change in your appearance. I may not use it everyday but when the occasion calls for glamour, i will definitely reach for this product. It is definitely expensive. But since it is not a staple product in my daily routine, it will last long.
Cost $90. SPF 35.

Needless to say, Chanel packaging defines luxury and style.

Additionally, if any of you need a Sigma discount of 10%, email to my contact address. Only if you genuinely intend to make a purchase before September month end. 

Which is your favorite Red lipstick and primer? Let me know so that i can experiment a little. What is your favorite Chanel product?

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♥ xoxo