Saturday, September 7, 2013

Self Photo Shoot

Hello Darlings...
Being a lifestyle/beauty blogger we all spend a lot of time snapping pictures, creating props, in photo shoots etc. I love photography. And my first step towards developing my knowledge and skills was to purchase a good camera. Few months back i purchased the Canon 600D and since then i have been massively enjoying snapping even more. 

My new blog template is nearly done. Which is when i also realized, the need for a new profile pic. Additionally i have been working on a few projects recently, were i need to submit my details alongside my pictures. Hence a call for a photo shoot was loud and clear. 

I had 2 choices. Opt for a professional studio photo session. Which will cost be a lot of money. Or i could myself arrange for a photo shoot. The second option was much cheaper of course. Though i had no expertise, i decided to give it a try anyways. The idea appealed to me.

You will need  - 
A Camera (SLR is always the best option)
A remote control for the camera. 
Photoshop software
Good lighting (nothing like natural light)

Decide on the various look you want to go for. Both in terms of make up and outfit. Enjoy, be yourself and get snapping!!! Of course, you don't need a remote if there is a friend who can help you out. Similarly, if you don't own an SLR, lend one for a day from a friend. I preferred to conduct the session all by myself. No hurry. No pressure. No time limit.

Here are a few snaps i clicked. These are 70% done. I still need to edit background, lighting etc.

 I can't tell you how happy i am with all the pics. They turned out way better than my expectation and the whole process was fun. I had nothing to lose if they went wrong and zero cost involved!! 

What do you guys think? Have you conducted a photo session before?

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