Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blog Business Card

Hello Angels

This weekend i made that extra effort to establish my blog by printing a few business cards. Now, how important is it to have a business card for your blog? If you attend a lot of events or interact with PR persons, then you may require a business card. Else no. 

Lately, i have been attending few events and having a BC helps me cascade my details and publicize my blog. Plus it also gives out an impression that your blog is well established and you are serious about it.

I wanted my card to convey a lot about me and my blog. So I went for a chic yet fun design. My first thought was to seek professional help with the design work. Then after giving it a thought and considering the cost involved, i decided to design one myself. Good decision. In 3 hrs time, I was done designing the template. I kept the front really simple with a white background. However, opted for a red colored back side.

I then got them processed with the printers. Overall cost USD17 for 115 cards.

I gave myself 3 options with the designs. And well, you know which one i opted for! I am sooooo in love with the card design and material. Also proud that I managed to pull it out at low cost. With Google and Pinterest at our disposal, anything is possible. Let me know if you need any help or advice.

Tell me how you guys like it?? Which out of the 3 did you like? Do you own a business card or intend to print one?? Please note, check on 'Notify Me' checkbox when you comment, to receive a notification email when i respond back to your comments. Letz make the communication 2 way!!!

Love xx


  1. So nice business cards. I really like your choice of design. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your cards are so cute! I've been considering getting some for a few weeks now but can't seem to comit to a design lol!


    1. Thanks lovely! It's fun once you begin on the design work...

  3. These look fab! xx

  4. Hi fathoosh. It was lovely reading your journey into card making- I had no clue you designed it yourself ! One question- where did you get the cards printed? Wherever we went, they're charging us around 200dhs.

    1. I printed them from Star Bay. Type the same in google to find the location. They offer good rates. Let me know how it goes and share you card with me too...:)

  5. always wanted to read your blogs.i follow you in insta.:) and today i sat down to read.Written beautifully in a very simple language.gonna read your blogs regularly from now on :)
    simple yet elegant visiting card

  6. Hi,,i follow you in insta.Always wanted to read your blogs and today i sat down and read a few of your posts.your reviews are very simple and very interesting.i will make sure i read your blog often from now on.
    visiting card is very simple and classy :)


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