Friday, August 30, 2013

Accessory of the Week | ALDO

Hello Angels
A dedicated post for one of my new buys! A Chain from ALDO...
My selection of clothing is very simple. Loud prints is a big NO to me. But when it comes to accessories i can go heavy. They in fact brighten up my outfits most often.

This neck piece i came across in ALDO had 'me' written all over it. It came in a layered style. And the color combination was simple yet chic. 

Cost $33.
How do you like my new purchase? Are you an accessory fan?
Have a great weekend lovelies...

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

GlamBox feat. Benefit

Hello Angels
To a beauty blogger the happiest moment would be to attend a post full of beauty goodies! Today was one such day!
Today i received my August GlamBox. GlamBox is restricted to Middle East. However, follows the similar concept of GlossyBox, BirchBox etc. So to all my non GCC followers am sorry but everybody loves a good beauty post, right?

August box was a special edition in collaboration with Benefit Beauty Brand. One of my most loved and favorite brand. 

The Porefessional (3ml) 
Reduces appearance and intensity of pores and fine lines. I have personally not used this product. However, i will surely give it a try. But i doubt a repurchase, simply because i do not have visible pore problem
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (5ml)
One of Benefit's oil free foundation. Comes in 9 shades. Very excited to give it a try. Fingers crossed!
They're Real (3g)
 oooo the much raved and hyped about Mascara. I always always wanted to purchase one. Thank you GlamBox, you made things easier for me
Right Total Moisture (8.9g)
Smells heavenly. I can state that for a fact. 
Chachatint (2.5ml)
Mango tinted stain that can be used both on Lips and Cheeks. I really liked the color.  But i need to put it on real trial soon.

The Box also included a free brow tint from the Benefit Brow station when a Brow wax is purchased.

All in all i am super excited to use all the products in the box. Let me know if you guys need a review on all or any one of the product. Am at your service!

Now letz do the math! (Being an accountant by profession, i can't help it!!) Is the Box worth the price? For those who are thinking of subscribing this may help
The cost of one box is $20. The product received is worth $57!! Yes, i have considered the sample size to arrive at the above. The Box is definitely giving you products worth more than the price you pay for it. yay!!!! 

I am glad the box contains products i would love to buy or give a try. I get a bit annoyed when beauty boxes contains anti ageing and other related products which is of absolute no use to girls of our age. 

Are you a Glambox subscriber? Do you own any of the products mentioned above? What in you opinion is the best product among all?

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Monday, August 26, 2013

My New Desk

Hello Angels
Who doesn't want to be more organised? All does! But it takes a 'lil effort to get there...
Last week i made a conscious effort towards getting more organized. My first task was to get a Desk. So keeping up with the tradition, i made my way to Ikea. Found the Perfect Desk. Right size. Right features. 

It fits just right in the 'lil space i had left in my room. Yay! I made sure not to over crowd the desk with too many things. It comes with a small drawer. Again just about right to house my organizer and iPad.

This small 'lil change, seems to have had a big impact on my routine. I no more slouche on my bed with a laptop. I sit upright and have a proper eye level to the screen. Having flowers on my desk is must because they bring in that extra joy and always makes me happy.  

Do you guys have a work desk at home? Do you think it is important to have one?
Have a great week lovelies!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Casetagram

Hello Angels
Hope you guys are rocking the weekend!
I am very passionate about capturing moments, be it with my family or just a lovely moment. Carrying my SLR is perhaps more important to me than carrying a handbag! So when i came across the Website 'Casetagram', i literally jumped with joy! One can use their Instagram or Non Instagram pics to create personalized phone covers.

Having to select only a few from my huge photo collection was the only difficulty i faced. The rest takes about less than 30min. Log in to the website. Select a collage format of your choice. Insert pics. Save. Your done! Make the payment and your personalized phone cover will be delivered in a week's time. The final product is amazing and of good quality. Cost $35 (Incl. international shipping)

They do covers for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy series and many more. I absolutely adore mine. Casetagram is pretty famous among the crowd. But for those who haven't heard of them i hope this post helps. FYI, this is not a sponsored post in anyway!

How do you like my Casetagram? Do you own one? What do you think of it?

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Benefit Watt's Up! | Review

Hello Angels
Last week i hit pan on my Mac Cream Base in Pearl. This 'lil pot as been my absolute favorite highlighter for months. However, i decided to try a new product instead of a repurchase. Benefit's Watt's Up was always on my wish list and I realized this was my chance to bag one :)

I absolutely adore the packaging of all Benefit products. They are funky and unique. And this one was no exception. Beautiful box and the product itself came in a roll up tube. 

Texture & Glow
It as a buttery consistency, which in turn allows you to apply and buff in the product easily. The shade strikes a perfect balance between a gold and a silver shimmer. Which I absolutely love. It lasts long and does not fade on you. Yay! 

I would categorize Watt's Up as quite an intense highlighter. But one can always control the amount to be applied and thereby reduce a heavy glow if preferred. I apply it in a V shape, starting from my brow bone and towards the cheek bone. I prefer using a brush for application because it gives me full control. 

The only drawback (something that can be easily worked upon and resolved though) is the tube in itself is slightly big for direct application. Hence the reason why I use a brush. I really wish it came in a smaller tube. Or is it already available??

I am really really loving this product. It gives you that fantastic glow in real and in pictures. Watt's Up costs $39 (9.4g). Pricey. But i think it will last me long enough.
Tell me if you are a Watt's Up fan. What are your other Benefit favorite?? 

Happy weekend lovelies!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bon Appetit!!

Hello Angels
Some of you (esp those dieting) will hate me for this post. But i really don't understand what's up with ME? I have developed an irresistible urge to eat a lot during the past few weeks. Eat not just anything, but yum...delicious foods! No, am not Preg. I guess its just a period or a phase. 

But no complains. Am completely enjoying it. Trying out new restaurants and cafes as always been my thing. Paul is an absolute fav of mine. And below is one of my picks - A Chicken Faluche. Their desserts are also lip smacking good. Am trying to avoid junk. But occasionally i just lose control. :) I am gravitating a lot towards Salads too. Which i think is good in a way. 

I have a weakness towards anything sweet and chocolaty as well. So you may see am not lagging far behind there too. Food brings me joy. I don't eat just for the sake of eating. I enjoy my meals well. At least most of the times. 

Are you a foody? What's your favorite food or dessert? Please tell me its OK to feel this way!!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Vaseline Healthy Bodywash | Amazing!!

Hello Angels
I feel like calling for a celebration whenever i discover a great product. And this month i have been very lucky to find a few. My last post was also about one..

This time it is a Body Wash!
How many of you make it a point to moisturize your body everyday, without fail? 
Let me confess i don't. I have my own well defined face routine but when it comes to taking care the rest of the body, i am a 'lil behind. Living in Dubai a very common issue i face is dryness. The heat and humid sucks all the moisture off your body. 

My legs are subjected to this issue the most. To battle dryness and flakiness, i have used several products - high and low end. Nothing seems to work or last long. The impact of moisturizing creams i use stays for less than 4 hours. 

What if a Body Wash can do the trick instead?
I bagged the Vaseline Body Wash last week, in a attempt to find a solution. Take my word for it, this product is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I cannot recommend this enough to all. I can even go to the extend of buying it for my friends to make them realize how fantastic this product is. Use it just like any other body wash, liberally. And then do nothing just take in the awesome turnaround.

It moisturizes you body from head to toe. Making your skin silky smooth and free from any kind of dryness. Trust me i have heard these 2 words being used (silky/smooth) by a lot of skincare products for marketing. And i personally used a few too...

But this one actually actually turns your skin silky smooth. The product is also rich in B3 complex. I honestly believe, if i couple a good daily moisturizer along with the use of this product, it would end all my problems.

Do check out this product guys. It costs $5 only! But do not under estimate the quality of the product by its price in this case.....

Have a lovely weekend...and do tell me about your favorite products.
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No.7 Facial Recovery Aftersun

Hello Angels
I had totally different plans for my upcoming blogpost but i had to tweak my schedule a 'lil to dedicate a post to a well deserving product

As you may all know, this weekend i went to a beautiful beach situated on a tiny island! The Sun gets quite harsh and intense during summers in Dubai. So i dropped by Boots to get myself a new sunscreen. Next to the sunscreen lotion section was the 'After Sun' based products. Honestly i was not aware of a 'After Sun' skincare based products (i may be sounding really dumb to you guys now). How did i miss it??? Please tell me how many of you were aware of this?

Anyway moving on...there were several brands offering the 'After Sun' skincare products but i went for the No.7. A save choice for a newbee! 

At the end of the day, when i was done with my 'lil skin looked quite dehydrated and dull. This often happens despite using sunscreen in Dubai weathers. After cleansing my face, i applied the No.7 After Sun Facial cream liberally onto my face and neck. The result was evident. I wish i had taken a before after pic for proof. Within few hours my skin looked bright, healthy and hydrated. One could hardly tell i was exposed to sun all day

The product does a fantastic job. It smells great, texture is similar to any other lotion and does a great job for just $14....Bang!!

The product contains Rosehip seed oil, anti oxidents and Vit A to help skin recover from Sun exposure. I would highy recommend this product to all. Many of us know the importance of using a sunscreen but few of us overlook the after sun care required. Moisturizing and cooling your skin after several hours of sun exposure is a must even though you may not feel the need. This 'lil champ as gained a permanent spot in my beach bag now!!

Do let me know if you use a After Sun skincare. Also which other brands would you recommend?
Have a awesome week lovelies......

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Getaway | Monte Carlo

Hello Angels
Hope you guys had a lovely week! I took a short break and was celebrating Eid with family & friends. And what a lovely break i had! 3 days was, chit chat, party, fun and relaxation!
Me and my husband managed a one day get away during this loong weekend. 2 hours drive from where i live is a beautiful beach club called MonteCarlo. 

When i first read about this island, i literally yelled with joy! The place is beyond beautiful. Perfect for couples and family. The ambiance and design blew me over..

We picked a beautiful pool cabana for our self and enjoyed the cool waters for hours. Then came the Spa. I stepped into the Jacuzzi and enjoyed a good read of my favorite book. This is happiness to me!

Find many more pics on my Instagram. So do follow to stalk me 24x7.
As promised i have also posted above a picture of me wearing my current favorite low high hem dress from Vera Moda. I LOVE this dress to bits and was showered with compliments whole day...

My new blog template is in the making and i am super excited to share the same very soon!!
How did you guys like my 'lil get away? Where was your best one day get away?

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Shopped Again!!

Hello Angels
Last week and this week i indulged in some good shopping! I say 'good' because, 2 of the items i bagged were on my list forever. But i somehow never ended buying them.

Jumpsuit - Who doesn't have these? Very easy & comfortable. One can dress it down or up. And if it comes in a black, nothing like it. I got mine from Zara (no surprise there!). This is not from their latest collection though. Who cares! I just love it. I can brighten it up by wearing a colorful scarf or a cardigan. Cost $53.

Dress - Fell head over heels with this high low hem dress from Vera Moda. Trust me, in real the dress looks a million times better. I simply can't wait to dress this one. Couple it high heel, black tights and smart jewellery. Awesome! They had it in Orange too, but this light grey came out as an instant win win for me. Cost $53



Scarf - A star print long scarf from Pull & Bear. I always wanted a shawl with star print...Check!
Cost $20

  Not too many right?! 3 items, all equally pretty. I am sure to get good use out of all. I haven't worn these yet, so if i manage to click a good pic, i will surely share. 
Which one of the above is your favorite? Do you like the pattern/design?
Have a lovely week ahead...

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Friday, August 2, 2013

My Friday..

Hello Angels
It's Friday! woop woop...
Last night i slept at around 3 am and hence woke up quite late today morning. However, this didn't hinder my Friday morning routine of self pampering. I believe every girl need to allot herself one day in a week for self pampering. A candle lit bubble bath with a prolonged skin care routine is a must for me on every Friday. It washes away all my fatigue and tiredness build throughout the week. (am extremely enjoying the use of REN Glycolactic Mask. Let me know if you guys want a review on it) 

Friday also witnesses a lot of cleaning and tidying up. Today it was my vanity case! I love this case i bought not so long ago for my trip to Istanbul. Since then, it as become an integral part of my beauty storage. Isn't it a beauty in itself??

Then of course, i exploit the lavish time at my disposal to catch up with my favorite blogs and you tube videos.

Clicking pics and edit work on my up coming blog post is another common Friday sight..

This month am looking forward to quite a few no of post deliveries. My Casetagram for iphone 4s, GlamBox (something similar to the Glossy box in UK), Sigma Brush replacement and so on. And most importantly i have been working with Amy Arthurs on a blog makeover for Angel's Corner. I can't wait to install the new blog template....fingers crossed!

Lastly about half an hour ago, i received this hilarious spam message! I don't mind one Captain, but 2 sons??!!
What is your Friday routine like? Does it involve bubble bath and skin pamper?
Have a lovely weekend guys...

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