Friday, August 16, 2013

Vaseline Healthy Bodywash | Amazing!!

Hello Angels
I feel like calling for a celebration whenever i discover a great product. And this month i have been very lucky to find a few. My last post was also about one..

This time it is a Body Wash!
How many of you make it a point to moisturize your body everyday, without fail? 
Let me confess i don't. I have my own well defined face routine but when it comes to taking care the rest of the body, i am a 'lil behind. Living in Dubai a very common issue i face is dryness. The heat and humid sucks all the moisture off your body. 

My legs are subjected to this issue the most. To battle dryness and flakiness, i have used several products - high and low end. Nothing seems to work or last long. The impact of moisturizing creams i use stays for less than 4 hours. 

What if a Body Wash can do the trick instead?
I bagged the Vaseline Body Wash last week, in a attempt to find a solution. Take my word for it, this product is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I cannot recommend this enough to all. I can even go to the extend of buying it for my friends to make them realize how fantastic this product is. Use it just like any other body wash, liberally. And then do nothing just take in the awesome turnaround.

It moisturizes you body from head to toe. Making your skin silky smooth and free from any kind of dryness. Trust me i have heard these 2 words being used (silky/smooth) by a lot of skincare products for marketing. And i personally used a few too...

But this one actually actually turns your skin silky smooth. The product is also rich in B3 complex. I honestly believe, if i couple a good daily moisturizer along with the use of this product, it would end all my problems.

Do check out this product guys. It costs $5 only! But do not under estimate the quality of the product by its price in this case.....

Have a lovely weekend...and do tell me about your favorite products.
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