Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stationery Shopping

Hello Angels
Holidays are here! Woop Woop....This is officially my last week at work and then am off! Nothing like it...
A major To Do on my list this month is to send out Gifts and 'Thank You' notes to friends and family. Here are a few bits i picked for my stationery...

I so so miss being a kid the moment i walk into Paperchase or such similar stores. Things have gotten so much more fancier than it used to be during my time (OK! am not 30! FYI). So i dropped by Paperchase and a new favorite 'Typo'. Got this extremely adorable 'Keys Please' ceramic plate (was not on my list), a dozen 'Thank You' cards with envelope, Polka dot gift tags and another random but adorable purchase - Starbucks X'mas ornament.

I like to keep my cards and gift wrappers very simple and basic. IKEA does some fab gift wrapping items.

All set for the holidays?



  1. love that starbucks ornament!!! I would make that into a keychain haha

  2. LOVE the 'Keys Please' plate! Is it from Paperchase or Typo? Have to check it out x


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