Sunday, December 21, 2014

Where to Eat? Breakfast/Dessert Edit

Hello Angels
Food and Desserts...In a city like Dubai there is always something new to try. Almost every other week you have a new restaurant opening. Le Paradise De Fruit is situated at The Beach, JBR. My impression was that they dealt only in juices and desserts but i stand corrected. They do full fledged meals too. 

I paid a visit early morning for breakfast. The place was packed! With families and groups of ladies. Staff was friendly and very attentive. I went for Plain Omelette with Grilled chicken, baby potatoes, mushrooms and spinach. My husband opted for their 'Compose your plate' concept. Wherein you can decide your main, side and sauce from a list of items. He went for Omelette, chicken Kebab, Grilled Halloumi, farmhouse fries and salad.

As you can tell we were stuffed. Of course this did not stop me from trying out their much raved about Desserts and Juices. Now ladies, you must must  try their Desserts. OMG! I was very confused and finally choose P'tit Pistachio (Pistachio icecream, Pistachio cream, pistachio crunch, chocolate fondant, chocolate sauce and whipped cream!!!)

Price - Average to High
Location - The Beach, JBR

Very well known chocolate makers. And now they have Cafe's opened at City Walk and The Beach. I tried out their classic dark chocolate, vanilla and milk chocolate ice cream. No disappointment there. I was a happy bunny. But what sealed the deal was the Milk Chocolate Sin Cake. You got to try it. Its heavenly...

Menu was impressive. They had quite a wide range of offering and snacks too. 

Price - Average to high
Location - Citywalk and The Beach, JBR

Which is your favorite breakfast/Dessert joint?


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