Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY iPhone case...♥

Hello angel's
 Am sooo excited to post this blog out there for you guys! I was a happy little bunny while crafting this one. I  DIY's. These self designed cases make the perfect gifts for your loved one's. The fact that it's handmade makes it even more special. 

Items required iPhone rubber case (any phone case for that matter, any color), paint pot, paint brush...that's about it

Google has billions of pretty prints out there for you to choose from. I would suggest, don't go for a complex one cause then it makes the painting very difficult. If your not interested in an image paint your name, signature, a quote etc. Choice is unlimited....

My choice was an owl print (you may know I love 'em). I started with my background base coat (green). Had to run two coats of these for a neat finish. Once done with the coat leave it to dry for about an hour or so. Meanwhile you can start on the paper cut outs. If your confident enough unlike me, you can paint directly on the case. While painting make sure the brush strokes are in the same direction...this is a ground rule! 

Hope you guys liked it??!! Another design coming up soon...a little different from the above. stay tuned!!

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  1. What a cool idea!:) Bath Melt giveaway this week!

    1. Thank u! Stay tuned for a new design....xx

  2. What paint did you use? How long did it last?

  3. Super! What kind of paint did you use? How long did it last?


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