Monday, February 2, 2015

ORIBE | O My My!!

Hello Angels
My hair was on Day 3 when i purchased Oribe. Came back home and immediately put it to test. Nope it doesn't do wonders as a dry shampoo. Fine.

The following day tried it on clean styled hair. And then the magic began! Literally. Before i get into the nity gritty of the product. Let me give you a short description of my hair. Shoulder length flat hair, that tends to grease and weigh down by 3rd day.

Firstly this product smells amazing. Does Oribe do Hair Mist? If so i will definitely bag one. Moving on to subject. For AED185/USD43 (8.5oz), your expectation of the product is sky high. I got a rolling eye look from my BFF whilst shopping it. Of course it is expensive. Very

But it delivers. I spray the product onto my crown, focusing more on roots, sides and tips of my hair. Rub it in well and do a 'lil hair dance (not mandatory!). Result - your hair is full of volume and texture. I apply the product after styling my hair i.e giving my hair soft curls at the bottom. This + Oribe does the work for me.

Now i wasn't sure how long the 'look' will last. To my surprise it lasted me 2 whole days + 3rd day was also pretty decent. My hair felt soft and light, which is a major plus.

If you are not sure about how well it would work for you. Purchase the mini bottle (2.2oz) for testing. But do give it a try. I highly recommend. 

Available at Harvey Nicholas stores.



  1. It sounds fantastic although the price has always put me off x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Agree they are expensive.
      But i am desperate to fight against flat - no texture hair at the moment.


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