Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb discoveries

Hello Angels
February is my month in every sense. Not only did i celebrate my birthday but also discovered some favorites. So here is a quick run through all things am loving this month.

Arabic Tattoo 
Am not a big fan of tattoos. But when they take form of writing, i love love. Last week i came across these extremely cute looking arabic tattoos at Sauce Gifts (Designer Boutique in Dubai). The first one is read as 'Hobb' means Love, which i wore on Valentines Day. The second one means 'Courage'. 

They look uber stylish when coupled with arm candies or by itself. Price AED45 for pack of 3. 

Shades courtesy Zara
Sunglasses adds a LOT to your look. They are capable of making a statement. I got my new pair from Zara (Men's section!). Some may be of the opinion it is too big for my face but i love it and can't get enough. Price AED145

Assam Tea
Any major Tea fans out there? Yes, then listen up. Try Assam Tea by Twinings. Delicious. I am not an expert when it comes to explaining the taste. So kindly give it a sip or two. 

What's been your favorite find this month?

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