Monday, March 2, 2015

Fauve by Chanel

Hello Angel
There was a time when Eye Shadows were just not my cup of tea! My collection was limited to basic matte nudes. Literally!
Things have changed quite a bit since last 6 months or so. Not only as my collection grown but you can now spot many glitter based colors too! Last week i treated myself with possibly one of the most gorgeous gorgeous color - Fauve (90) by CHANEL. 

Ah...this color makes me want to wear eye makeup every single day. I find the color uber pretty. To those who own tons of eye shadows, this color may seem 'not so' special!! (i hope not tho, else this whole blog post becomes quite pointless!)
Here goes my best try at explaining the color - Taupe/purple shade with silver glitter. The color stays put for long without creasing. Texture is smooth allowing effortless blending. Love Love the cute packaging with a convenient sized mirror. Pricey but given the staying power and color, i say it's a keeper!

I was tad bit skeptical about how well the color would translate on application. No disappointment tho. The color looks equally pretty. 'Hypnotizing' by MAC is the closest dupe i could relate Fauve to.

What are your thoughts ladies?



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