Friday, March 20, 2015

Gucci Makeup | Review

Hello Angels
To a large extend i was successful in keeping myself away from Gucci makeup. I wanted to give ME some time before the splurge (Lol!!!). Eventually it happened. I found it very hard to choose among-st their blush range. They were uber pretty.

What stands out instantly when you try on Gucci blush is the texture. Silky smooth and fine. I went for Pink Camelia 060 (beautiful beautiful light pink. The shade in real is more pinkish than given photo below) and Spicy Petal 050 (peachy pink. A warm toned blush) 

The packaging is Luxe and Chic. The powder does fall out a little during application. But I've experienced the same with most finely milled powders.

Given an opportunity i may end up buying few more of their blushes but keeping it on hold for now. Because they are expensive. Available at Sephora stores. 

Let me know if you have a Gucci favorite.


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