Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Favourites♥♥

Hello all....as we kick start with October , I would like to share a few items which made to my September  favorites. Let's begin.... soo excited

Bath & Bodyworks Candle - Lavender Vanille
mmmm.... something delicious! I fell in love with this scent...zero exaggeration! Refreshes and relax your mood. BBW are known for their candles and this baby is a bargain;) Best time to purchase these are during the BBW sale. Actual price $22, sale price 8$...NO JOKE

Botanics Hair Mask
Discovered at Boots pharmacy. I am definitely not among those who are gifted with  lustrous smooth hair and hence on a constant hunt for the perfect hair care. Apply after shampoo for 5min. It leaves your hair super smooth and clean. The best part, it lasts for 3 to 4 days. Price $6.

Botanics Foot Cream
Another favorite by botanics. Living in Dubai, the climate leaves your heel dry and cracked. I was a committed user of Vaseline and the product does its best. Though the downside to Vaseline is, the impact remains only for a day. Botanics cream however, leave your heel moisturized and smooth for long. You may need to use it only twice a week or so. Price $6

Tresemme Hair Heat Defense
I style my hair regularly. Requirement for a heat protector becomes essential. The product doesn't weigh on your hair plus brings a good shine. Love it... price $9.

Hope you guys find the post helpful. Tell me about your favorites....xoxo
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