Sunday, September 30, 2012

Istanbul - last part

helloo and welcome back....
I assure all this is going to be the last and final post on Istanbul :) Promise Promise ;)
Let's see, essentials to pack (check), places to visit (check) and now let me suggest a few must  have can I miss the best part???!!!

Myself and my husband made it a point to be experimental and try all food and drinks Istanbul is known for. Few of 'em are Turkish Kebabs (Kebaps), Lahmajun (Pizza), Simit, keshtan (chestnuts), Burma (loved them), Donor, Apple Tea, soups, Turkish Coffee and Delights (Lokum, love them too!)....GASP!!! The joy in discovering some new favorites was immense. 

Though you may be on a guided tour i would recommend all to self explore the city. I enjoyed these walks the most. Hope this too looong post was useful. Share your views on Istanbul...or maybe advice where i should travel next!! xoxo.......


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  1. Love to read abt food....N definitely very helpful views.....n food looks amazing!


Thank you for your comment...they make me a happy lil bunny!