Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trip to Istanbul - Travel Smart♥

Hello all...its been so looong since i last blogged!! But here i am, back with plenty to share and talk 
This week i was away on my first ever leisure trip abroad to Istanbul! I was soo very looking forward to it and did enjoy it to the maximum. It provided me with the right amount of break and relaxation.

Why Istanbul comes the next question, 2 major reasons - my husband had only a one week holiday window plus Istanbul is known for its rich history backed up by immense natural beauty. 
FYI, this blog is going to be in 2 parts a) Travel Smart and b) Istanbul through my eyes

Let's begin with the 'To Do' before travel. Homework is a must before any journey and in my case i started 2 weeks before ... yea yea i can be quiet a cautious freak :) Anyway here goes...........

Travel Package - if your opting for a tour package, make sure you compare prices. Prices may vary depending on ON and OFF season. Also consult friends and family. Check online review on the travel agency.
Hotel Booking - the travel agency does this on your behalf, but you must ensure the hotel is located in a central area or where public transport is easily available. Check online review of the Hotel. Also additional facilities available like pool, spa, wifi etc
Travel guide book - It's a must! I purchased the DK eyewitness a week before i traveled and  made sure i read through it even before i actually visited the places. This gives you a more than a brief idea of what your in for. It provides several general info about the city - to see places, must have food and drinks, public transport, plus important phrases and words in local language..i recommend this publisher to all 
Itinerary - Make sure your package includes all must see places and this is were reading a travel guide before hand helps. 

Pack Smart - Its always better to travel light. Hence, pack smart. Carry only essentials. I made a list of  all required items including the outfits i would wear each day to avoid excessive packing. I prefer using my own skin and hair care products during my stay rather than the once offered by the hotel afterall its not like i have the finest hair and skin to tamper with. 

The best taken decisions -
♥ Carry extra camera battery. You don't want to comprise on the moments (else carry your camera charger, you can always recharge when you halt for coffee breaks - this is what i did). 
♥ Extra SD Cards. 
♥ Handbags with zippers or a backbag (Pick pocketing is common in Istanbul) 
♥ If you are a restless person like me, download your fav magazine or a movie to your ipad or lap to keep you engaged during transit. 
♥ I traveled with a budget airline and hence lunch/dinner costs extra. Don't mind paying extra but the food i get in return fail to excite my taste buds. So i bought myself a decent dinner from the airport and carried it to the flight. A decision am still proud of..heheh...

Hope these tips help! Will be back soon with Part 2! xoxo 

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