Friday, August 31, 2012

Work Life Balance - Is there a balance ever??

I have been working for almost 5 years now (3 yrs of CA internship and 2 yrs at Bank). But the question of striking a balance arrived when i got married. Lets see, can i strike a 50-50 balance?? mmm...nope not always! I am a workaholic and am 110% dedicated to my job.

Do i strike a balance? Initially nope, but since several months YES! when i said 'no' that did not mean i used to spend less time with family, but i carried work on my shoulders...i think about it even at home! Not healthy, i know..

I make most of the time i spend with family now. So even if its 2 hours, its a GOOD quality 2 hrs (Thumbs Up!!). My husband never complains (touch wood), he has seen me work my a** off during my internship and knows WHAT he got married to..hehe;) I make sure i attend to him well and of course i love him, so its never a task its always out of . More over make sure you share work life with your spouse. They should be aware of the kind of day you had. Don't expect to be understood unless you talk!! I think this is a common issue with women than men, we expect to be understood without justifying. Focus on spending more time talking to each other or engaging in activities together, than watching TV, cause then your just physically present.

Family -  Never ever take them for granted. Take this as a confession - 3 years of internship was like being trained for war. weekdays i worked and weekends i had class. Public holidays called for extra classes (yea no joke!). I lived with my mum alone and probably ended up giving her nil attention (snif...). I realize it now and attend to all their needs. They can count on me any time of the day. I have a ground rule - PARENTS NEED NOT JUSTIFY take it without questions, you owe it to them!

WORK, be it anything, keeps you on your toes. You become more efficient and you multi task. Because Humans can multi task. One has to push their limits cause your brains can actually take much more. Personally, i do not think quiting work would bring you any closer to family, its simply the quality of time that matters. And i may not be striking a perfect balance but let's try...

Do you strike a balance??? xoxo

Disclaimer - This blog expresses my personal opinion.


  1. I am with you in this sis!Again well written.I agree with you completely when you say you need to discuss your work life with your spouse.And cannot agree with you more when you say, women expect to be understood.Thats not right.We need to speak up. We need to share our thoughts. Because how much ever you understand each other, there will be times when the way we think will be different. So the perfect solution- ‘COMMUNICATE’. Family is a blessing. Never take it for granted! Well written sis.Keep up the good work!

  2. Well written dear. I really like the way you have put things.Spending quality time is most important. Family is indeed a blessing and relationships are to be valued. I always adored ayi for this and I see so much of her in you :)

    1. Thnx dear....yes, we are after all sisters.

  3. waawww...i have been tinkin bout D balance wich U mentioned...i realy loved d way u presented it...yes its all bou d quality time which you can give your loved ones......Fatee realy bowled over by your CREATIVITY.....lov u......

    ok well in my case its jus d opposit.......i m nt a workoholic n m too much n to my D SO CALLED "FIANCE" and he asks me "WHY DONT YOU HAVE A WORLD OTHER THAN ME???" ahahahha sound funny bt sumtyms it hurts.....but then i noe MEN r more of "D practical" side we r emotional......

    i find happinesss n things which wil make him feel "WAAWWWW"yes she s d 1.....sumtyms i doo fail bt i love it.....i think i should start balancin on studies n personal life...wat u say...yes i need to....I NEED TO BALANCE ..if nt 50-50 atlest 70-30-(personal-studies)


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