Monday, August 27, 2012

The Opening Piece.......

As the header indicates, this is my first piece of feed into the cyber world......and here it goes

Y the need to Blog??? Good question...something i have been asking myself for several months before i finally decided to give it a try. a) i enjoy writing, i can express myself much better through words than speech (ask my hubby, i still write him Love letters!!!) b) I work at a bank but my soul lean more towards this is going to be my THE ESCAPE. Don't you think A and B justify enough...i can't think of a C :(

What to find here....well its going to be a journal sort of blog. That's the idea, letz see how it goes. Anything that interest me or catches my eye, will find a place here. I would  to keep it as interactive as possible with comments and feedback.

Blog Layout - I ♥ vintage. And as you may notice its all over my Blog. It took me a week to come up with this look. My web designing skills are below average and hence had to start with tutorials. Internet would provide you with all sort of pre designed templates but i wanted to give it a personal touch;) besides i got to learn some HTML codes!!

Let me not forget to pay credit to my sister for the right push at the right time  (The Life Today Lady, what's cooking???)

For now that's all...will soon return with my First official Post....xoxo


  1. yay!!! i m the first one to comment here...

    Well...Gud start gurl!!! waiting for more:)
    Kp up the gud work..u rock!! i din know u r 24..;) i m 27.. jus few yrs elder to uuu(happy:) )...i thot i m tooo old.hahaha i know it z crazy to talk abt age...

    loads of luv


    1. How old did u think I am??? Hehe...
      Y on earth do u consider ur self an oldie...forget the numbers...thnx dr

  2. Amazing sis!!!!I never knew you would write so well!!I am so proud of you.Looking forward for more!Well written sis, well written!Simple and interesting read!

  3. Hey fatzee..
    Now that’s something interesting..
    Well art is something beyond my capacity..And I have always looked up to those who have got an inclination towards art, mainly because I suck at it :(...

    Blogging has been in my 'to do list' for quite some time..but never really took an effort towards it..Now I can see more reasons to check it up as I see a mentor before me who can guide me throughout.. :D

    Talking about age..kisine kaha hai “umr to sirf ek rakham hai,dil se jawan hona padta hai “ :D

    So forget the age and be young at heart :)

    Cheers !!!

    1. thnx dr..ofkos i will assist you! R u gonna start a FOOD Blog??? ;D
      Aur dil se tho hum hamesha javaan hai..xoxo


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