Tuesday, October 16, 2012

♥Foundation Review♥

Like most of you one of my make up essential are the foundation base. I haven't experimented on many, cause i tend to stick to one if it serves my purpose. May be in a year i may try two. So here is my review on the four dominant ones i tried.

My skin type is normal and i am blessed with a fairly toned skin with minimal blemishes and pigmentation. I will mention the color code against each foundation used by me.

Mac Matchmaster (No 4)
This was my everyday foundation for a fairly long time until i discovered Bourjois.  
Consistency - Dense in texture i would say
Coverage - Full
 - job well done, for a good 12 hr plus. Apt during summer (with a SPF 15). The most water resistant of all foundations i have used.
 ▼ - On application it does feel like an extra layer of skin. Also on a bad pimple day, the foundation appears cakey around them. Skin is less hydrated.
As a solution to using less of the foundation. i use Garnier's BB Cream as base before application. Also to hydrate your skin puff Mac's charged water.

Bourjois Healthy Mix (No 54 Beige)
The perfect one found so far
Consistency - Liquid
Coverage - Build able
 - Feels like skin. It blends superbly onto your skin and gives it a natural glow. Stays put for a good 12hr plus without touch up. Very hydrating. Second best in water resistance
 - whenever i did apply a BB Cream under this foundation, i found myself glowing like a disco ball. Hence, one has to build a full coverage using the foundation alone.
 Apt when the climate is less humid and hot. The product doesn't detail on a SPF protection, which is a major downside, especially if your living in a place like UAE (But i still end up using it on a daily basis cause in a day, exposure to sun is minimal for me)

Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing (No 3.25 Cool Beige)
I had heard so many good things about this foundation and ended up purchasing one. But it failed to meet my expectations. 
Consistency - Liquid
Coverage - Medium
 - Very moisturizing. To get the best out of the product one has to initially cover all blemishes and pigmentation with a concealer.
 - The product failed to conceal any of my pigmentation. The worst was it wasn't even buildable. As a result i would end up applying way more than required. Not recommended for Oily skin. No SPF. Finish lasts for less than 6hrs. 

Mac Studio Sculpt (NC 30)
This one was my first most expensive foundation and probably the most loved at the time. Coverage and consistency is the same as Mac matchmaster. But the major downside was i really did not like the finish it gave and somehow my skin looked dull after a couple of hours. I hardly use them any more. 

Products used hand in hand with my foundation routine 
Garnier's BB Cream - The product was launched in middle east very recently. Though in Europe it was available since long. It gives a good coverage. Very moisturizing. 
Mac Mineralize Charged Water - I got this one a few months back and has been a favorite ever since. Though the bottle comes in one size, i fill them into smaller bottles (with a spray nozzle) and slip them into my handbag. It refreshes your skin and hydrates them too.
Sephora face powder - Used only when i feel the need to reduce the excess glow from foundation application. Also when am too lazy to put on any foundation, this one comes to my rescue. 

I would always want a summer and winter foundation in my vanity box. Hence, i think Mac's matchmaster and Bourjois foundation are the perfect duos to own.
Tell me which are your favorite one's or recommend me a few.....xoxo

Based on personal views. Am not affiliated to any of the above mentioned brands

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