Friday, March 13, 2015

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation | Review

Hello Angels
Ever since Nars made a re-launch in Dubai, I've been wanting to try their Sheer Glow foundation and concealer. After 5 whole months, came the day i actually went into Sephora to get myself one. 

And as faith may have it, they were Out of Stock on my shade. The only match available was in Sheer Matte foundation. I like dewy finish anytime anyday but given no option plus i reallllyyy wanted to try their foundation, Matte it was. I can always use my highlighters to create a dewy look, right? So that was decided.

Coverage is medium to build-able. The texture strikes a perfect balance between not being too runny and thick however i find blending needs a 'lil work around.  The color though looks too light for me in the bottle was just right after application. Stays put all day and no creasing. 

I like the overall finish the product offers but it is not quite there. I find Dior Star foundation soo much better than this one. Perhaps NARS sheer Glow foundation is more my kind and is next on my list.

Those with oily skin should give it a try though. Not necessarily purchase, sample it out first. In Dubai, Sephora counters don't offer foundation samples. But buy or take with you a small container and ask them to fill. 

Another rather annoying thing about this foundation is it does not come with a pump. WHY? I mean why on earth would they cut out on providing a pump? Making it extremely difficult to take the product out. 

Let me know your thoughts about Sheer Glow foundation? 



  1. Weird about the pump as I saw a British blogger review the foundation and hers came with a pump.

    1. Really? So far all the reviews I've read said they come without pump! Lucky her ...


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