Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Contour, Bronze, Highlight, Repeat.... | SmashBox Palette

Hello Angels
It's all about couture, bronze and highlight for many of us. I focus mostly on contour and highlight. My skin is not too pale but have a natural tan to it. So bronzing is limited.

Anastasia contour kit was on my wish list for many many months. But never really got around actually sitting and placing an order. Last week, i slipped into Sephora and what caught my attention was SmashBox Contour Kit. There wasn't much thought process involved to my buy. 

About the product -
Contour (first from left) - I really really love this shade. Not too warm, slightly more on the cooler side with grey shade infused. Very subtle yet build-able. 

Bronzer - The bronzer is lovely too. Though i don't use it much, i love to touch up a little here and there. The color is soft and build-able

Highlighter - Disappointment happens. Now am a massive highlight fan. The color is very sheer. You can hardly make out the presence. I would have preferred it to be slightly more intense. 

For now i have suspended my need for a Anastasia palette. This kit meets my bronzer and contour need. So i recommend you ladies to check this one out too. The packaging is user and travel friendly versus Anastasia.  

Plus you don't really need 6 shades for personal contour kit unless you are a makeup artist. Right?

Let me know your thoughts


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