Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time out!

Hello angels,
Ooooo my my ...this week has been extremely tiring and exhausting for me. As I type this post, i am all wrapped in my duvet set for bed. I reach home after work at 8/9ish, followed by dinner - bed...and then work again!!! Not very exciting is it? This is what happens with employees of a bank during year end, especially when your in finance department. I lost count of the number of tea and coffee i have been sipping to keep myself active. Pheww.....

Only highlight of the week so far as been my husband's new S3. It's always fun to have a new gadget home. I enjoy the whole process of initial set up and downloading applications

This weekend I want to - 
Sleep plenty
Eat plenty, yummy delicious pizza's, Steaks, cake from cheese factory and much more
Pamper myself, maybe a day at spa
Movie, twilight breaking dawn 2 ( dying to watch the finale, though not happy with the fact, it's the last of Edward and belle I get to see.....)
Family time - quality family time

Sounds nice....hope it works out the same as well.....

How is the week treating you guys so far????

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