Monday, November 26, 2012

Giveaway Begins....♥

Hello angels
Its giveaway time...wohooo!

So my count as crossed 18 (Since 2 days back! Apology on delay), which means giveaway begins

Gifts - this is the exciting part. I literally spend 3 days or more thinking. Its my first giveaway and i want it to be very special. Everything i bought basically defines ME!

Ted Baker Make Up Pouch (Medium Size)
Not only is this bag ridiculously cute and pretty, it can house all your make up goody effortlessly. Make up bags are my weakness and i keep changing them every now and then

Inglot LipGloss
If am giving you a make up bag, i sure need to fill it too with at least one make up item....
I have personally used and loved this lipgloss. The color i got is in shade 71. A very sweet pink/peachy color. I love its test tube kind of packaging. 

An Owl
Yes, am obsessed with Owl prints, jewelery, iphone cases etc this should come as no surprise!!
I pair this bracelet with my watch. Love it....

All of these items will be beautifully placed and wrapped in a box and shipped to you.

So how to win it? to my home page, there is a new 'give away' page! Visit the page for details...

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