Monday, December 24, 2012

My Bunnies!!♥

Hello Angels
Before getting into the news, a 'lil background.........
As mentioned before, me and my husband love animals but despite this fact we really haven't owned any pet beyond a bird or a fish. No offense but to me somehow they don't fulfill the need for a pet. May be because i cannot really play or bond with them

Getting a pet according to me is a huge responsibility and I kept asking myself if am ready for it. Yes, came the answer instantly.....then so be it!

So last Friday, we decided to get two bunnies! Needless to say the decision was taken because we find them extremely cute and adorable. So we did our bit of roaming about in several pet shops and finally set our eyes on The Two bunnies

A girl and a boy. 3 months old. Pumpkin and Nugget

Their presence makes a huge difference in my day. Spending time talking and playing with them gives us immense happiness. Everyday they get about an hour in my balcony to run about. And the rest of the time I put them in their big enough cage

Pics of my babies....

Play time

That's the face Nugget makes when he is desperate for a run!

Being pure veggies, I have tried my hand with feeding pellets, cabbage and carrots. Radish, broccoli etc are my other options. Pure water is a must. Fruits can be given as an occasional treat.

When it comes to pets, house bunnies are third in place after cats and dogs. Taking them to local parks for a run may not be advisable because grass is usually heavily sprayed with pesticides. Bunnies have extremely fragile skeleton and hence care should be taken while lifting them.

Cuddle time

I have read as many articles and blogs possible on bunnies. But please feel free to advice me.


  1. This is so cute!They are so cute! I had a bunny once they're amazing pets! I really hope everything goes well :)

    1. Thank you dr...
      I wish to take good care of them...

  2. Aww I m missin nuggoz n pumpkin, fact apart that I don't evn touch em, but still love to c em hoppin jumpin n cuddlin each other❤


Thank you for your comment...they make me a happy lil bunny!