Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thank you note! ♥

Hello angels
This may not be the typical thanksgiving post many of you may have imagined! Many at a times, i zone out and take a look around at all the little blessings around me!
Does this happen to you?? honestly tell me?
So finally i decided to dedicate a blog post to pay my thanks to all the tiny, small or even big objects (in size) I use in my everyday life♥ 
They are mostly inexpensive but I don't think I can mange without them. They may not fall into the 'staple for life' category but they contribute highly to my everyday routine. I was extremely careful to exclude any luxury items. The list can go on, but I have limited my pick

All of these items are mostly less than $20
Disclaimer - These are man made objects am referring to specifically. Natures blessings are not forgotten and never will.

If you were to do something similar, what will your list constitute of? Am interested to know...
Have a great weekend angels....xoxo


Thank you for your comment...they make me a happy lil bunny!