Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Benefits Push Up Liner a.k.a Best Gel Liner

Hello Angels
2 weeks back, Benefits kindly invited me with several other bloggers and media persons to the launch of their new invention. We were asked not to share details up until now and am glad i can finally talk about it. So here goes...

Benefits Push Up Liner - Am a hard core eye liner girl. I hardly step out without them. I've been a loyal customer to L'oreals Super Liner and Mac's Fluidline for years, literally! (switching between the 2, as per need). The draw back of liquid liners are that they smudge and are watery making application a little difficult. For the Mac one i had to carry a brush with me at all times.

Unfortunately/fortunately they are history to me now, as am completely won over by this Beneproduct. Having personally used both kinds, I stand in a good position to say, this one beats it all.

Lash hugging - The wide angled tip gives you that almost perfect line. Allows application very close                                                                          lash line. Plus creating a winged look is no more a Task with the angled tip.
Waterproof -    Stays put for hours. Budging is out of question. Bid goodbye to raccoon eyes babe!
Pigmentation - Take a look at the pic below. Jet black, that's what am talking about!

What more can you ask for?? This one product as combined best of both worlds. Gel texture and stick applicators.

Benefits also introduced an eye makeup remover to go with it. The remover is white in texture. Gel/Creamy consistency. Removes the liner decently. I've used my other waterproof eye makeup removers as well and they do an equally good job. So you really don't have to purchase this one, unless you wanna go all Benefits! (which i perfectly understand, if you do!!)

These 2 products along with Benefits They're Real Mascara makes the best eye makeup package according to me. I highly highly recommend the Push Up Liner to all...Cost$42

What do you think?



  1. Already have the 'Benefit They're Real' mascara and it's one of my all time fav makeup product. Might give this a go too now :) Ps- I believe Revlon has a great eye liner collection too!



  2. OMG!!! Sounds and looks amazing.... On my list!!


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